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75 to 125 gallon planted tank

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Hello all,

I have several questions and I have not been able to find a thread with the specifics that I am trying to figure out. I currently have a 75 gallon fish only tank and I am in the process of setting up a 125 gallon planted tank. In the 125 I put a little less than an inch of miracle gro organic garden soil capped with an inch to inch and a half of black diamond sand. I just started to fill it this afternoon. Since I have the dirt in the tank I am worried somewhat about harming the fish by adding them to soon but we have a swap meet this weekend and I am looking to get some new fish and I want to just put them in the bigger tank as soon as I can.

So my questions are,

1.) Am I able to transfer the water from the 75 into the 125 and not cycle the tank?

2.) if I have to cycle the tank, can I transfer some water from the 75 during water changes to speed up the process?

3.) does it matter when I add the plants? Or could I add them before the cycling process is finished?

Thanks for your input!
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Most of the beneficial bacteria lives in the filter and the substrate not the water, however transferring the water over to the 125 will help the fish acclimate. What I would do is transfer the filter media from the 75's filter (or even the whole filter) to the 125's filter, that might be enough to prevent you from having to cycle it depending on the size of the filters. As for the plants, it depends on the plants; hardy plants would be fine but more sensitive plants could have problems.
I don't have specific answers to your questions, but I just did a similar thing a couple months ago now. I went from a 72 bow front to a 75 regular tank. I put the dirt in the tank, capped it with blasting sand and filled it up with the water from the 72. I put the fish in there the same night. Didn't cycle the tank or anything and have had no deaths. If you do it that way, you'll definitely want to do a small water change weekly for a while. My plants melted a little bit but started to perk right back up after about a week.
1. Water won't help much with cycling, but it will certainly help with getting fish acclimated to the new tank. Spare as much biomedia as you can, this is where your bacteria are! Using old substrate is great too!

2. As said in 1. - get as much water as you can, but to make it easier to acclimate fish, not for speeding up the cycle.

3. Add plants as quickly as you can - they're using up waste produced by fish and will help keeping the water clean and safe. Add them when setting up the tank.
Would spend a month or two just getting the 125 planted and plant's off to a good start before considering fishes. (Just me)
What is the hurry?
Will there not be other swap meet's?
Do these swap meet's also trade in aquatic plant's?(these I would buy lot's of)
Might would also look into a fertilizing routine for the plant's in addition to those nutrient's that the soil might provide.
In this way,plant's can draw nutrient's from both the substrate and water column.
I would want all macro and micro nutrient's available for plant's which may not all be provided by the soil or fish waste,fish food's.
Plant's need a bit of all nutrient's.
Iron,magnesium if water is softer, and potassium are not all that available unless you or I add them.
KNO3 (nitrogen) and KH2po4 (phosphate) can be available via soil's, fish waste,fish food's ,but soils seem to have a finite amount to offer before you or I must help the plant's out.
I prefer to use both the substrate and water column dosing and has worked well for me.
Takes some observation/patience while plant's adapt to new environment and I use the time with no fishes present to adjust and dial in the plant's need's before considering fishes.
Gives me time also to research Fishes.
wise person once said.."Things that happen quickly in the aquarium are usually bad thing's."
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Agree with roadmaster. Take your time. 2 months plus is a great time to get the tank properly cycled and learn what maintenance is needed especially if this is your first planted tank.
Thank you for your inputs! I am not in a rush for anything other than I am impatient and want my new tank set up as soon as possible. I will get plenty of plants at the swap meet this weekend and add them to the tank and let it cycle from there. This is the only swap meet for the year and I will be getting some fish but will hold them over in another tank for a month or two until the 125 is ready for them. I do have some questions about fertilizing my tank. I will wait to see what plants I get before asking specifics. Is there a type of filter that you all would recommend? I have a wet dry filter that I could set up and also have a canister filter that is a little small for a 125. I am an avid DIYer and don't mind making a sump but I am not sure if it is needed or not. Thanks again for your thoughts!
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