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75 tank stand project completed.

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thought u guys might like to see what can be done with a little time and effort. Keep in mind I have never done any wood working prior to this project.
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Looks great! What type of wood / stain combo did you end up using? Also, do you have any pictures of inside the stand (structural features)?

i used 2x4's and 3" deck screws for structure.
birch 1/4" plywood for sides and front
maple 1/2" for doors
white wood trim for doors
birch trim for stand

stain is from minwax called ebony 4 coats
2 coats of polyurethane from minwax
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Looks really good, well done! I have no woodworking experience to speak of but I'm getting more confident in trying this some day.
i would totally suggest it. Just plan it out and dont rush it
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