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75 gallon upgrade from 20

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Hi everybody! I've had a 20 gallon high tank for several years with a Fluval/Aquaclear 20 gallon HOB filter and a Fluval/Aquaclear 30 gallon HOB filter. There's CaribSea sand substrate, fake plants and fake logs and caves. For fish I have 4 harlequin rasboras, 3 spotted cory's (Corydoras ambiacus), 2 otto's, and a single electric blue dwarf ram cichlid (who killed his friend but mostly leaves the other fish alone).

I have a new empty 75 gallon tank, 48 inches across, 18 inches back, and 20 inches high. I got a 48 inch Marineland aquarium plant led light with timer (and an extra Marineland single bright led 36 inches I can add if necessary). I also have a fluvial 306 canister filter which I know is only rated for 70 gallons but I'll add one of the HOB filters from the 20 gallon to get the nitrogen cycle started. I haven't put anything in the tank yet.

I want to have a good number of plants and some driftwood in the tank but I've never had plants before and I have a limited budget (also I'm not good at DIY) so I'm planning on getting pool filter sand and then supplementing with root tabs, I don't want to mess with CO2.

Ideally I would take all my fish from the 20 gallon and put them in the 75 with some fish that would get along with them, I'd like as many varieties as possible but very peaceful, I hate to see fish fight. What are some good plants for me to start with and some interesting fish. I was thinking maybe I would eventually get discus but they seem pretty high maintenance and I heard angels can get aggressive, so maybe Bozemani rainbows, or rose line sharks, or rummy nose tetras, black neons, maybe whiptail catfish? Is there another centerpiece fish that would get along with my dwarf ram like a Bolivian ram or should I leave him and some of the others in the 20 gallon, I would like maximum flexibility but definitely want some cory's and some schooling fish. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
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