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75 Gallon Stocking Suggestions?

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I'm about to assemble a heavily planted low-light 75 gallon tank, all I need at this point is a background, replacement glass hood, and fish. This is by far my biggest tank, my others are 25, 10, and 2.5 respectively.

I intend to stock slowly using media from my two much smaller tanks to seed the cycle, but I wanted suggestions on what my fully grown species and numbers should be as a goal for the tank. I only have intense experience keeping anabantoids, corydoras, otocinclus, and black khulis, so I'm hoping to try something new for this tank.

Since this is our living room showpiece, I'm letting the husband in on this one. We know for a fact we want emerald green corydoras and a flashy school of neon tetras or cardinal tetras, but we wouldn't mind other additions as long as there was room, the fish are hardy, and they would all get along.

So. Do you have any stocking suggestions for me? I'm extremely partial to iridescence, particularly bright or blue species.
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personally, going with the fact that you want cories and cardinals, I would stick to having mainly smaller fish and some shrimp, having a few different tetra schools that are sizeable, and maybe a couple of larger but still small fish (such as ram cichlids or apistos) that are colorful and eye catching on their own.
Thanks for the suggestions! The blue varieties of ram cichlids are incredibly beautiful, so I think we have a winner there. Is it safe to assume that similar-bodied tetras get along? Like neons, cardinals, glowlights, black neons, etc? Do similar species of tetra school together or do they tend to keep separate schools?

I'm getting so excited. :>
tetras will only school with their own species, and it looks better that way anyways
however, different varieties of the same species will school together as well, although it looks more chaotic and its not like there are many different varieties of a single tetra species
You might want to consider adding a small school of roseline sharks (aka torpedo barbs). Their proper name is Puntius denisonii. They are gorgeous fish and make an eye-catching display in a 75g tank. I generally like to have around 7-9 in my tanks.

There are also a number of rainbowfish that are very pretty.

Congo tetras also make a very nice display.
I have green neons in my 75 gallon and while they're nice, I don't think they school together well, they used to, until i added other fish. I also have diamond tetras as well as other small fish, and they all just kind of co-mingle making it look like a bit of a mess if i'm honest... I'm actually considering getting rid of them all and switching to cichlids because atleast if they're spread out randomly all over the tank they're colorful enough to pop instead of just look awkward... Not sure if that makes any sense the way I've written it, but it makes sense in my head lol.
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