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75 gallon stocking question

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Hi Everyone
I have a 75 gallon tank I set up last week I upgraded from a 56 gallon using the same filters fish plants wood and substrate. I have a fluval 405 fluval 206 and aquaclear 110. Its a low tech low light tanks no co2.
Im wondering what you all would suggest for stocking?
I have in it now
3 angel (I might be adding a cpl more depending on feed back here)
5 cory
My original plan was 7 angel 12 diamond tetra and 8 cory.
Now Im think why not get some feed back from all of you before making my decision.
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On angelfish I think best with 4 or more to start as they can pick on each other if males.

I have two both males and one picks on the other , not as much as he used too but a tad now, much older but still one will chase the other one.

In a 44 gallon hex.

thanks Jeff
I saw 2 beautiful af at my lps Ill see if they are still there and pick them up. Any suggestions for tank mates?
If it were me with a 75g, I would also bump up the number of cories. Because there is a lot of floor space available, with no other fish that really use it, and plus cories are just so darn cute.
I think five Angelfish plus more cory's and diamond tetra's would work well.
I'm taking your advice and going with a total 5 angel.
I went to buy more Cory but they only had one left so i got it. That gives me 6 cory.
i also bought 6 splendid rainbow. Could i put in 2 ram?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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