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75 gallon startup

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Hello all,
I am looking to start up a new aquarium, and I want to do a planted tank. There are a lot of things still up in the air, and I want to do it right, but I know for sure it's going to be a 75 gallon tank. I think I'm going to use eco complete substrate... as for fish, I want to start off with some tetras and maybe some mollies. Lighting will depend on what I end up planting, but I'm definitely going low-tech to start.

Looking for suggestions on start up plants and fish, and any extra info on substrate and lighting would be great.

From what I have read, the goal is to start with big, fast growing plants to out-compete the algae and then once you are established, start adding diversity to the tank flora.

What does everyone think?
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Plants and algae in an aquarium don't compete for nutrients. Algae require very, very little nutrients, so there is always plenty in the tank for them. Plants require many times more nutrients, so whatever the algae consume doesn't affect the plants. But, for some reason, healthy fast growing plants tend to keep algae from even starting a colony in an aquarium So, the objective is to have lots of healthy plants, preferably fast growing ones, in the tank, so algae won't even start to grow.

The more light you have, the faster the plants try to grow. If they are short of some or all nutrients they won't be healthy plants, and unhealthy plants attract algae. The faster they grow the more difficult it is to keep them supplied with all of the nutrients they need, but it is extremely difficult to keep enough carbon available to the plants (CO2). "Low tech" tanks don't have a CO2 system, so it is obvious that a successful "low tech" tank has to have low light. But, too low light will also prevent the plants from growing at all. So, a "low tech" tank has to have the right amount of light, more than anything else. See for more information.
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