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I have 10 tanks ranging from 7 gallons to 125 gallons.
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By the time I began this tank, I had entered into an agreement with my husband not to get any more tanks. I sold him on this one as an “upgrade” to my 20 gallon tank and as a way to lower the stocking in my 125. Later, I set up the 20 again as a daphnia tank, lol, so I didn’t really keep to the bargain. I’m really trying to now though! 😄

6/26/22: I found this inexpensive tank and stand on Facebook marketplace with free delivery. When it came the silicone looked awful and it had a lot of cloudy stains. I resealed it myself (first time) and cleaned it up. There was just one unsightly area on the back glass that I couldn’t get rid of, so I put a foggy window cling on it. I don’t notice it now except when it’s backlit in the evening.

After letting it cure 4 days and then leaving it filled for 24 hours, I moved all the creatures out of the 20 gallon to temporary residence in other tanks and set this tank up using about half the gravel and all the plants from the 20 gallon. I had a Fluval light sitting in my closet, and I took one of the filters from the 125 gallon, which I later replaced.

Unknown 75 gallon tank
Fluval Aquasky light
Fluval 407 canister filter
Cheap Nicrew backlight

Mesh bags 1/2 previously used gravel, 1/2 new Amazonia 2 aquasoil
Capped with pool sand
River rocks, and pebbles
2 pieces Manzanita wood

Lots of Vallisneria
A couple unknown Amazon swords
A few Anubias, crypts, etc
Red root floaters

Water Window Plant Branch Wood

7/2/22: I moved 5 angelfish over from the 125. None of them had ever shown signs of spawning before, but 2 of them laid on the glass nearly right away. Unfortunately, now that they were spawning, they were fighting. Two of them had damaged eyes, and one of those ultimately died in spite of treatment. I left the spawning pair in this tank, hoping they would eventually successfully raise up their fry, and moved the remaining 2 back to the 125.

Although they laid eggs many times, I only saw free-swimming fry once, which they promptly ate. After that they just ate the eggs right away, so I gave up on that.

Plant Water Rectangle Pet supply Wood

Plant Water Grass Terrestrial plant Reptile

8/30/22: It was growing in nicely, and I added 2 bronze/green Cory Catfish that had previously been in the 20 gallon (my original Cories from the BiOrb) and 4 Venezuelan Cories from the 125. Even though they were different varieties, I could see they enjoyed being together.

I think it was also around this time that I added 5 Otos, 2 Bristlenose Plecos, and some Mystery Snails from the 125. This tank had been amazingly free of algae (not even diatoms), but it was starting to get a little green dust algae on the panel closest to the windows, so I figured they would be okay, and I supplement with Soilent Green and Pleco Bug Bites anyway.

Water Plant Rectangle Pet supply Organism

Plant Botany Organism Terrestrial plant Grass

11/5/22: Well, I had to add a fish I had not intended to go in here. The Dwarf Flag Cichlid in the 125 had matured enough to start sparring with my Electric Blue Acara. I wasn’t really sure if they were fighting or trying to breed, but I didn’t want either possibility. After awhile he settled down in his new home, but he’s still the most cantankerous fish in the tank!

Water Plant Organism Grass Terrestrial plant

1/24/23: By this time, I had also moved 5 Congo Tetras from the 125 to this one. The tank was getting overgrown, but I liked it a lot. As you can see, there were lots of baby Mystery snails.

Water Plant community Plant Green Pet supply

Toward the end of February, I bought 2 Reticulated Hillstream loaches. I read that they do best in small groups, but these were the last two left. If and when they come back in stock, I’ll try to get a couple more. I got some advice from this forum about feeding them, sold a lot of the snails to the LFS, put in a large air stone on full blast, added a Nicrew light and extended the hours of “daylight” to try to grow more algae, and ordered an Oase StreamMax 4000 Powerhead.

The powerhead came in recently, and after trying several positions and getting more advice from this forum, I think I have it optimally set up to oxygenate and circulate without overly taxing the angelfish. I’ve been slowly decreasing the output from the airstone and will turn it off completely soon. I think I’ll leave it in there though in case I need it again. I also thinned out the Vallisneria, and removed the last of the Red Root Floaters.
These are the pics from today:

Plant Water Rectangle Pet supply Organism

Plant Vertebrate Botany Branch Organism

Plant Branch Natural landscape Rectangle Flat panel display

Oops! I just learned there’s a maximum of 10 attachments. I guess I was getting carried away! 😂 Anyway, thanks for reading!

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I have 10 tanks ranging from 7 gallons to 125 gallons.
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I forgot to say, I started out with a heater inside the tank, set to around 78. Later I added an Inkbird controller to it. After I gave up on the angelfish raising up fry, I slowly lowered the temp to 74-75 and the angelfish stopped breeding. When I got the loaches, I lowered it again to 73-74. Then I realized my equipment was keeping the temp between 73 and 75 without ever needing the heater, so I removed it. I left the Inkbird probe in place though, so I can easily keep an eye on the temp. If it starts dipping lower this winter I can always replace it.
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