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75 Gallon Planted Discus Tank

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Lighting: Sun Blaze (8) 54w T5 lamps: Right now has 6500K will be changing.
(2) AquaSun 10000°K T-5 HO Fluorescent Tubes 48" 54 watt
(2) AquaticLife T5 HO Pink Roseate 650nm Fluorescent Lamps 48" 54W 650nm
(2) TrueLumen Flora T-5 HO Freshwater 6700°K Fluorescent Tubes 48" 54W
(2) TrueLumen 460nm Blue 54W 48"

Filter: Eheim 2217 & Marineland HOT Magnum
Heater: Fluval E 300W
CO2: Inline diffuser shares regulator with my 125 gallon tank.
Substrate: 2 bags black flourite 2 bags black sand, 1 bag white sand.
Fertilizer: Osmocote + root tabs and Liquid flourish 3 times a week.

As far as plants go I am planting with trimmings from my Nano tank I have on my desk at work. I will be adding more plants as tank settles.

I had the filter running on another tank for a month and 30 gallons of used aquarium water from water change. Right now only fish is a pleco that grew to big from previous tank.

New Light, No water

Water added, first clippings

Second clippings added and added some driftwood

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Keep an eye on those discus they arent looking to healthy, the two brown ones have stunted (the eye is to large for the size the fish is) and the blue one well yeah he doesn't look like he'll last to long...

Make sure you shop around when buying discus, look for top quality.

Looking good otherwise!
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