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75 Gallon journal

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I'm new to planted tanks (since October 2013 to be exact) and am absolutely obsessed . I sit behind a computer and camera for my job and messing around with my aquariums is super relaxing. Here is my 75 gallon. This tank was set up in February. I have a lot to learn but am having a blast so far. It's going to be fun to see the changes in this tank.

Tank details
- 2 Fluval Full Spectrum Plant LED fixtures
- Fluval 406 and Marineland C160 Canister Filter, Fluval 300 watt heater, Hydor 240 and 425 powerheads.
- Pressurized. Diffused through DIY reactor attached to canister filter.
- Flourite/gravel mix
- Seachem liquid ferts for now..

- Staurogyne Repens
- Pogostemon Helferi
- SP Japan
- Alternanthera Reineckii
- Wisteria
- Ludwigia Rubin
- Ludwigia Repens
- Ludwigia Narrow Leaf (I think)
- Ludwigia Needle Leaf
- Rotala Magenta
- Rotala Rotundifolia
- Limnophila Aromatica
- Pogostemon Erectus
- Pygmy Chain Sword (Echinodorus Tenellus)
- Ammania Gracilis

- 6 Boesemani Rainbows
- 10 Blue Tetras
- 2 Siamese Algae Eaters
- 3 Panda Cory Cats
- 4 Punctatus Cory Cats

Set up on February 24th 2013

April 18th before removing plants and adding new ones.

April 23, 2014

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I'm liking the dutch inspired look you plan on using substrate ferts ? If not I think you'll start seeing plant nutrient deficiencies in a few months or less since you have an inert substrate like me. Also CO2 fluctuations are very common on DIY set ups and can yield a lot of algae issues so try to ensure you're CO2 supply stays very consistent. Most folks eventually invest in a "paint ball" set up for CO2 once they get much above 29 gal in order to get pressurized CO2 more consistently. If you have the means get a decent CO2 regulator & needle valve set up that's reliable also learn how to dose dry ferts to save cash. You can easily research these on this forum if you've not already been doing so.

Just my $0.02 !

Looking great so far !
@jfynyson - Thanks for the response. I am using mostly Flourite mixed with a little black gravel. I did make a bunch of root tabs so we will see how that goes. I do have a paintball co2 set up. Not ideal but works for now. I will be upgrading the co2 tank to a bigger one soon. I also am about to switch to dry ferts.
Nice setup, you've managed to replicate a dutch style tank pretty well. How do you like the fluval plant LEDs?
Thanks - dindin

exv152 - Hopefully it will look better within the next month once I move some stuff around. As for the fluvals. So far so good. I wouldn't recommend just 1 id get 2. I'd probably go with something else if I started over based on the price but if you can get them on a good sale they are worth it. They seem to be doing good for red plants. I just added some Rotala Magenta a week ago. That should be a good test for these lights.
What camera & settings / parameters are you using for these nice shots?
jfynyson - I'm using a Canon 5D Mark III. I took these in manual mode. The settings vary but ISO between 1000-1600, f5-f10 and 1/50-1/100 sec. were used for those. Thanks for the compliment on the shots!
Very nice! Your plants are looking so healthy! I have a 40B community tank I want to turn into a dutch style aquascape. Just got to gather some supplies :)
merv - I have a 37 that I want to replace with a 40. I love the look and size of the 40.
merv - I have a 37 that I want to replace with a 40. I love the look and size of the 40.
I like it too. I got mine on sale at Petco over a year ago. It was a $1 per gallon sale. So only paid $40 :)
Small update. The wisteria was getting out of hand so I took most of it out. I moved around several plants on the left side of the tank. I thinned out the S. Repens and spread them out. It should look pretty good in a few weeks. I also added another piece of dragon stone rock. I might work on the right side of the tank within the next few days. The downoi is getting pretty thick and needs some work.

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Dang man, that is pretty impressive for your first scape, especially considering you went high-tech right off the bat. Really great growth, the S. repens and downoi look spectacular! What is your secret? You are using the Flourish line and Flourite? You are a true artist and a prodigy in the aquascaping world to have your scape look like this so early on in the hobby. I had to swallow my pride and fought the temptation of wanting to curl up in the corner after smashing my computer! LOL
Wow Dave, Thanks for the comments. Actually this is my second tank. I have a 37 gallon that was set up about a month before this one. I should post a few images of it. On the S. Repens and Downoi. No secret really just doing the seachem dosing schedule (minus the trace, Alkaline buffer, acid buffer and Equilibrium) and a ton of reading/research. I am using Flourite with some plain black gravel mixed in.

The tank is far from what I want it to be. Swallow your pride? haha. Better not smash that computer or we wont be able to view your videos and awesome tanks...

That downoi needs to be thinned out. It's so thick.
WOW! Your tank looks great and the plant growth is amazing. I'm envious. How did you get your downoi to grow like that? I have the same substrate and struggle to get the downoi to stay planted. I started out with 3 packages of downoi from Petsmart and am only left with a few crowns the size of nickels. :frown:

PM me when you are ready to sell some of your plants :)

Looking at your pictures make me want to pull out my real camera and take a proper picture of my tank. ARGH. I might have to pull my Nikon 7000 out. Not only do I own the Nikon 7000 but I have the Nikon F5 and F100. I'm just so lazy, I normally use my camera phone.
LOL @ Dave!

This is a really beautiful and nicely laid out tank, one that anyone should be proud of.
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