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75 Gallon Iwagumi/Dutch First Attempt

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I started this tank about a month ago and have changed it 4 times.

I'm finally happy with the hardscape and have plants, shrimp, Nerite snails and fish coming in Thursday. Algae has taken over. YIKES!:help:

I also have CO2 coming this week. I'm hoping I can figure out how to hook everything up and not gas my fish.

I've been reading everything I can find on how to set up the CO2, how long to let it run and when, and how to set it up with the lighting. I'm still not completely sure I have it together though.

I hope ya'll enjoy! I'll update as I get the CO2 hooked up and the plants in.

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..what kind of shrimp did u order?
How long are you running your lights? Its easy to start out with too long of a photo-period. I would recommend just starting with 5-6hours then once you have CO2 and fertilizers running start to increase the amount of hours to 7-8.
I just got 20 Cherry shrimp but they are very small. I have 48 Nerite snails coming Thursday with 5 Otto's.

I've been running the lights all day and the tank sits next to a 20' wall of French doors. What I don't understand is that tank has been in the same place for 4 years and I never had algae in it.
I got some plants, Nerites and fish in today. The Glosso mat was cut into pieces and is not pretty right now but....:wink: I have pieces of slate sitting on top if the Glosso to hold it down until it takes root.

Once the plants start to grow, I'm sure I'll be moving them around.

I want to find some type of low growing, bushy plant that I can put along the banks of the stream, towards the back to give it height and depth.

I am so loving this tank. I want to set up more.:help:

My CO2 tank, regulator and reactor came in today, also. I had the tank filled and will set it up tomorrow, praying I don't kill my fish.
Here are some updated pics. I'm not happy with the Glosso at all. It's too tall and messy looking. I'm still growing an algae forest:help: but I think it's getting better. I'm only turning the light on for about 5 hours a day.
Updated pic 2 days after doing the one-two punch algae treatment.

I also took the Glosso off of the wire mats they came on. I'm still trying to find something that only grows about 1/2-3/4" tall. I'm kinda leaning towards S. Repens or Star Grass???
why not marsalia?
I want something that looks more like grass than clover.
I changed out the Glosso for something that looks more like grass. I removed the "stream" sand and replaced it because the black diamond sand had gotten mixed up in it. I have a plastic divider between the two right now until the plants take over along the stream bed to separate the stream from the land.

Here's a vid.
i have a stargrass carpet i have to trim it every 2 weeks
My Red Cherry Shrimp had babies and they are finally big enough to see. It was really pretty last night with all of them in the Moss while it was pearling.


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oh the pearling with the cherry shrimp is pretty! I bet Mike really enjoys having this tank to watch, it is so different from how it looked before!

I have rummynoses and a male threadfin I wish I could send you
Yes, Mike's enjoying this tank, too.
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