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75 gal Planted Setup

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Hey everyone,
I acquired a tank and stand a couple of months ago and now am looking to set it up. The tank is around 48" x 18" x 24" (high). It has a built in overflow in one corner and plenty of space for a sump in the stand (no shelves).

I'm really looking to go all out on this setup (well, as far as the money goes): high light, CO2, great substrate...

I already have one planted tank setup, but no CO2, or great lighting (about 1.5 watts?) so I know the principals of water parameters and quality.

What sort of lighting, substrate, CO2 systems, would be good, any sources?

Also any aquascaping ideas, any info would be great!!!!
Pictures to follow...
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First and foremost, welcome to TPT! Great place to converse and feed this hobby. Would lvoe to see some pics of the low tech setup you have going.

Now. To business on the 75...

Soooo many things out there to consider. Its not just a price thing always. Can be a convenience factor for things that you can readily get or have to order, so you may want to weight that option.

Lighting: You can go crazy here, or go moderatly Tek T5HO seems to be a very high end fixture that can provide most benefit to the average planted tank guy for a high tech setup. Metal halides are always a popular favorite, but it does stretch the high end of lighting, so if this is your first high tech, I would personally reccomend a Tek. You can get them all over, ebay has them as well. Keep in mind there are two versions out there, one is for Aquariums, one is for hydroponics. They are the same fixture, except the aquairum one has two switches as opposed to one and it also has the acylic shield and water proo endcaps I beleive. If your handy, you can mod the hydroponic one and save a few bucks. There is a DIY article written here on how to do it, but if your lazy like me, just buy the aquarium version and call it done. Just a suggestion though.

Substrates: Tons available. this can really tie in to what your trying to achieve. Aquasoil seems to be the leading substrate on the market, however some of the "plain jane" subs like Eco Complete, Flourite,etc. still work just fine.

As far as inspiration... browse through some of the Journals here or even look on the AGA website. So many beautiful tanks out there.

So at this point, you need to really focus on:

A: What do you want to achieve at the end
B: What plants do you want to try
C: How high tech you want to go

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Yep, that's a standard 90gal, same dimensions as mine. :)

Another light fixture to consider if you want excellent lighting on a budget would be a Catalina Solar T5HO fixture

Hard to beat that lighting for the money.

I'm running a low tech tank, so only run 2 of the bulbs at a time. No issues growing a carpet, either. :thumbsup:
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