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75 G First attempt at any form of dosing

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75 g
Moderately planted with variety of plants
2 17W 5000K
2 34W 6500K
All lights directly above glass top
Lights on about 10hrs a day.
Always being doing weekly 50% PWC
Fairly heavily stocked
Rena XP3 filter. One so ray bar directed to glass on left side. One spray bar running along back bottom directed slightly up away from gravel.
Magnum HOT 250 with modified inlet for DIY CO2 tube and modified underwater outlet directing outflow over top of Java ferns.
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Last 2 weeks of Sep 2012
Added 2 more 2 L DIY CO2.
Intention is to use 1/2 champagne yeast for rapid and long fermentation, swooping out 1 bottle per week.
pH now running 6.4-6.8
Air bubblers on at night
CO2 generating about 3-4 bps

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Last 2 weeks Sep cont.
Began dosing at low end of EI including:
7mL excel (in part to spot treat BBA) daily
7 ml Flourish 3 x week (initially higher, have just reduced this to 7mL and added CSM+B below).
CSM+B 1/8t 3 x week.

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During the last 2-3 weeks of Sep:

Seeing a lot of BBA algae on Java Fern and quite a bit on Java Moss and sine Crypts. Other green spots of algae on pipes any glass but not too bad yet.

Been spot treating it with excel during dosing daily. Trimming the worst spots away weekly. Some algae started to turn pink after last 10mL spot treatment after WC

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My Tank adjustments
34W T8 5000K 4 hr's/day + 68W T8 6500K 8 hrs/day. 2 Air bubblers running from lights out to 2 hours before lights on.
DIY CO2 currently with 4 x 2L bottles running, the oldest bottle changed each week. CO2 diffusion is via the inlet of the HOT filter which seems to do a fair job of chopping the bubbles up.
My spraybay from the XP3 is divided: 1 bar runs from the top left of the tank a cross its surface. The other runs along the back of the tank bottom, directed up and forward toward the front. Since its a big spraybar, with many holes, flow is gentle with gentle plant movement, and soft surface ripple.

I have some BGA on my lower spray bar, and increasing stag horn (I think) on the Java Moss, fern, crypts and amazon sword. I'm trying to control with weekly trimming and normal daily dose of excel.

Fert Dosing has been adjusted to:
50% WC weekly.
7.5mL Excel (actually the API CO2) daily.
7.5 mL Seachem Flourish Comprehensive 3 times week.
CSM+B 1/8t 3 times week.
Ca(NO3)2 1/4t 3 times week
KH2PO4 1/16t 3 times week
K2SO4 1/2t 3 times week
MgSO4 1t 3 times week
Osmocote root caps in vicinity of Vals, Crypts and Amazon Sword.
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