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70 watt MHs for a 180?

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So I'm planning a low tech 180 for mostly tanganyikan cichlids. Java Fern, Java Moss, some val perhaps if I can keep it from melting and the usual suspects for a tank like this. My last twenty years of fish keeping was reefs and I just can't do a tank without shimmer lines. Yes I know lots of people do and they love and that's great. Don't think I haven't thought about grabbing two shoplights from Hope Depot and calling it a day.

That being said, as of now I'm thinking of doing three DIY 70 watt halides over the tank. A 180 is roughly three 2 foot cubes together so each 70 watt halide will have to light a two foot cube. My hope is that that is considered low light. If I'm going to need CO2 and ferts than I'll be going the shoplight route or messing around with halogens (I know its a bad idea).

Hopefully someone has some experience with 70 watt bulbs and how they'd light a two foot cube. FWIW I plan on lightly stocking, I'm not a heavy feeder and there will be an automatic water change feature that'll do about 4 gallons a day.
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I built a 70W HQI for my 20H reef tank and it has a 20K+ ushio bulb in it, my 56 gallon (30x18x24 column) *looks* brighter with 2xF17T8s, probably due to the spectrum and reduced light output in higher kelvin bulbs. I'm probably upgrading the reef to 150 and putting this 70 and another one on my 90 and calling it a darn day myself. If its too much and I get too much algae I'll get some ABNs and get CO2 when I can afford it :)
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