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Hello Everyone,

I thought it would be nice to share my tank, and show its evolution.

I have kept nano tanks for a while but it’s my first time really trying for a nice planted tank.

  • 7 gallon rimless
  • Jebo 112F, 68 gallons per hour
  • lights unknown - approximately 7 watts led clip-on
  • CO2 added

  • UNS Controsoil - 6L
  • Malaysian Drift Wood

  • Echinodorus Bleheri (Amazon Swords)
  • Vallisneria Torta
  • Alternanthera Cardinalis (I’m pretty sure that’s the plant)
  • Alternanthera reineckii Rosanervig
  • Anubias nana petite
  • Eleocharis acicularis Mini
  • Ludwigia sp. mini or Ludwigia Repens Rubin (not sure)
  • Bacopa Caroliniana (amplexicaulis)
  • one more plant I’m don’t know the name of or even what family it belongs to.
  • 3 Panda Cories
  • 3 otocinclus
  • 1 Betta
  • 2 Nerites
  • Cherry Shrimp (unknown number, they’re breeding)
  • 2 Amanos

0 ammonia
0 nitrite
5 nitrate
6.6- 6.8 PH

If anyone has any comments or advice, I’ll happily take it :)

Notes: Monte Carlo and Java fern from first iteration have been removed.

Pictures to follow

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October 8th:
Water Light Organism Aquatic plant Rectangle

October 11th:
Water Plant Nature Organism Wood

October 17th:
Water Plant Pet supply Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

November 13th (big trim of foreground plants and new placement for some plants:
Water Plant Pet supply Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

November 20th (removal of one of the lights and added the use of the aquarium lid):
Plant Water Botany Pet supply Terrestrial plant

November 22nd (pre-chain saw massacre):
Plant Water Pet supply Terrestrial plant Aquatic plant

November 26th (post- chain saw massacre):
Plant Flower Pet supply Terrestrial plant Grass

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December 12th:
Water Plant Vertebrate Pet supply Organism

One week later after maintenance and weekly 50% water change
A couple of points i want to share:

I reduced lighting level to 70 % at peak, this seems to have reduced algae generation by quite a lot (with the addition of excel)
I made a mistake trimming my Valisneria, the leaves were not dealing with it. So I undid the back of the tank, peeled off the unhealthy leafs and replanted them.
I am 99% sure that I messed up in my choice of plants. The reds on the right side of the tank are alternanthera reineckii 'rosanervig' which will be too big in a couple of weeks.

The goal is to let it grow out and some time in January, rework the scape (for more height) and redo the hard scape, this time using glue.

nevertheless, I’m quite happy with the first high maintenance, high tech co2 tank. I’ve been learning a lot ( while keeping my fish healthy)

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Dec 22 2021:
Plant Vertebrate Terrestrial plant Grass Wood

Plant Water Pet supply Wood Aquatic plant

Well small update these past two weeks.

Patrick (the beta) kamikaze out of the tank and was found dead Sunday morning. My neighbor saw that I was quite sad about it so he got me one at a pet store. His name is also Patrick.

I’ve added a lid back on and changed my light regimen to be more intensive as my ludwigia leaves were falling out. I guess it makes sense with all the floating plant growth I’ve had in the tank.

This beta has been not so great for my tank. He’s been hunting down my shrimp and too aggressive for the otos and panda Cory. So I’ve ordered a fluval spec 3 and will move him there as soon as the tank is ready (low tech build expected, I’ll move my valisnaria and my sword to the new one)

After that I’ll remove the heater and rescape the entire tank.

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How are you finding co2 in this small of a tank? I'm contemplating it for my 10 gal pygmy Cory tank. But I'm not sure if it will make my cladophora alge worse. Tank looks great by the way.
Hi Dr.Opie,
Well, if memory serves, but don’t take my word for it, cladaphora algae is usually caused by low co2 levels and high présence of nutrients. So adding co2 shouldn’t make it worse.
In terms of my experience, it took me a while to get it right, I’m not going to lie and I would put money on the fact that it likely still isn’t right but, I’m going to go with good enough for now.

Ill share some of my experiences and hopefully it helps you in making a decision.

I started off by buying a pre made co2 set with a manual regulator and some disposable bottles. This caused some issues because 1) my co2 levels would be too high at night if it was kept on and 2) if I turned it off and back on in the morning, maintaining constant co2 levels was a struggle which caused algae. So I got myself a solenoid regulator ( which has not been half bad.
If your worry is diffusion, make sure you place the co2 diffuser where flow is high and it should do the trick. I’ll note that I’m also running it on a 3 gallon and it works fine. So the positives are the following, better plant growth, less algae and lower PH for those of us who use tap water.
Now in the disadvantages, cost is one. Getting the regulator, tubing, diffuser and bubble counter will run you back 150 to 200$. Obviously, this can be modulated but I feel that it shouldn’t be the area where you save on costs. the other point is that it requires at least weekly 50z water changes because you’ll have to dose fertilizers, excel(optional), and other additives more regularly.
hope it helps.
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