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7.7G Rimless Low-Tech 'Peak'

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7.7 Gallon Rimless "Peak"

I just recently setup this rimless tank, about a week ago. I got it from A+ Tropical Fish in Rosemead, CA. Im pretty sure I paid around $15 for it. Total steal!

Flora wise, Its pretty simple for now. Just two species of Crypts. I may eventually add E. Belem if I ever go high-tech with this tank. However, thats still a loooong ways away.

So far I just have a couple pieces of seiryu stone in some year old eco-complete. Nothing too crazy, unfortunately. Im definitely still experimenting with the rock placement. I'll probably end up removing the two smaller stones that are closest the the front pane. I feel as if they're making the scape look a little too cluttered. You guys can be the judge of that!


-Marineland Bio-Wheel 'Penguin'
-24W Power Compact Light


-2 juvenile Mollys


-Crypt. Wendtii Green
-Crypt. Wendtii Bronze
-Anubias nana 'petite'

Here are some pics:

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Along with this weeks water change, I removed most of the stones as I was just feeling that the scape was waaaay too cluttered. Im now down to 4 stones but Ill probably end up removing the smallest one on the far right side to achieve an uneven amount of stones. The current scape is just 'meh'.

Let me know what you guys think, or what I can do to better my scape!!! :proud:

Left Side:

Right Side:


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It is looking nice! :)
Thank you very much! :icon_smil
I would say scape wise, remove one of the small stones, place the medium and a small on the right and the large one on the left. Or another possibility is remove the medium stone and put two small on the right and large on the left.

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