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7.6 Gallon Rimless

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This is my first planted tank, semi lowtech I guess. I am using the smallest aquaclear, 50watt heater, Satellite 20" 40 Watt CF, DIY CO2, ADA soil, and a few drops of Flourish a week. Ottos, cherries, and 3 Pseudomugil furcatus What do you think? It has been trimmed back since this photo.

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Wow that is stunning! I really like it. One thought, however, is that it might just be a little overgrown. If you trimmed the glosso slightly you might get a better view of the crypt on the left

Nice!! VERY nice!
Amazing nano. I'd get rid of the Nymphaea lilly, though. It will very quickly outgrow the tank.
fantastic looking tank. Love seeing low maintenence tanks look so good.
I just trim the Nymphaea when the leaves hit the top. Thanks for all the comments!
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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