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20G Low-Tech, 10G Iwagumi, 7G Betta Biotope, 4G Snail/Daphnia Tank
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I had a nano tank open up and decided that I wanted to scape a native US biotope. I have never kept live-bearers and so, given the small size of the tank, I decided to stock it with Least Killifish, Eastern Grass Shrimp, and Ramshorn Snails. After doing a lot of research (sources below), I came up with a rather comprehensive list of plants, collected hardscape, and started scaping the tank. Here's my journal; I'll do my best to keep up on updates.

Guide to Common Wetland Plants of North Carolina (NC DWR 2021)
Common Wetland Plants of North Carolina (NC DEQ 1997)
Occurrence of Least Killifish at the Northern Limit of its Range in South and North Carolina (Nelson and Burge 2014)
Ecosystems of the Cape Fear River Basin

TANK SPECS (updated 2021-07-18)
Aquarium: 7.5G Rimless Cube (Seapora, 12"x12"x12")
Light: Fluval Aquarium NANO Plant Spectrum LED
Filter: Marina Slim S15 HOB (course sponge, filter floss, bio rings)
Heater: None
Water: Conditioned tap water (Alexandria, VA)
Substrate: Seachem Flourite Dark
Hardscape: Collected creek stones, spare manzanita wood (via, oak leaf litter (via Tannin Aquatics)
Fauna: Least Kilifish (Heterandria formosa), Eastern Grass Shrimps (Palaemonetes paludosus), Wildtype Ramshorn Snails (unknown)
Flora: Mayaca fluviatilis (shown), Juncus repens, Didiplis diandra or Lobelia cardinalis or Ludwigia alternifolia, Fontinalis antipyretica (Phoenix moss), Fissidens fontanus (Willow moss), Azolla caroliniana (Mosquito fern), Spirodela polyrhiza (Giant duckweed)

I will be adding hardscape and plants over the next month and will begin to add livestock once the plants have grown in.

Here is the tank so far (2021-07-18):

I hope that you enjoy reading this journal. Feel free to comment with suggestions!

20g aquarium with beginner plants and fish.
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Nice looking tank, im in the GA so a biotope would be pretty similar in my area. The only suggestion I have is to add a background, I would do black. I used a poster board on the back of my 20g but you could paint it instead if you wanted too.
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