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7.5 Gallon Cube

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I decided to give my soon to be six year old a fish tank for her birthday. (Okay, I'll be honest this is kind of a gift to myself as well). This is only my second high tech planted tank, so I am still a rookie and bound to make mistakes -- what little I know about planted tanks I've learned by reading this forum, talking to my awesome LFS guy, and watching YouTube tutorials. So here goes...

Tank: 12" (30cm) Deep Blue Pro rimless cube
Light: Fluval Aura High Performance (New!)
Filter: Aqueon Quietflow AT10 submersible
Substrate: EcoComplete (Black)
Decor: Seiryu Stone (19 lbs)
Flora: DHG, S. Repens, and P. Helferi (all tissue cultures from TopFin)
Fauna: 2 Dwarf/Pea Puffers; 1 Otocinclus [To be added in a few weeks]
CO2: Paintball w/ Aquatek CO2 Regulator Mini & Glass diffuser
Dosing: EI Method

Here is a full tank shot (the water was still a bit cloudy):

Here is a view of the front and right side of the tank:

And finally, just the right side:

I am running the tank at 1 bubble per second and hoping to get the tissue cultured plants acclimated for the first two weeks. Will report back soon...

Thanks for reading/viewing! Advice always welcome and appreciated.
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