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7.5 Gallon Cube

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I decided to give my soon to be six year old a fish tank for her birthday. (Okay, I'll be honest this is kind of a gift to myself as well). This is only my second high tech planted tank, so I am still a rookie and bound to make mistakes -- what little I know about planted tanks I've learned by reading this forum, talking to my awesome LFS guy, and watching YouTube tutorials. So here goes...

Tank: 12" (30cm) Deep Blue Pro rimless cube
Light: Fluval Aura High Performance (New!)
Filter: Aqueon Quietflow AT10 submersible
Substrate: EcoComplete (Black)
Decor: Seiryu Stone (19 lbs)
Flora: DHG, S. Repens, and P. Helferi (all tissue cultures from TopFin)
Fauna: 2 Dwarf/Pea Puffers; 1 Otocinclus [To be added in a few weeks]
CO2: Paintball w/ Aquatek CO2 Regulator Mini & Glass diffuser
Dosing: EI Method

Here is a full tank shot (the water was still a bit cloudy):

Here is a view of the front and right side of the tank:

And finally, just the right side:

I am running the tank at 1 bubble per second and hoping to get the tissue cultured plants acclimated for the first two weeks. Will report back soon...

Thanks for reading/viewing! Advice always welcome and appreciated.
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Sorry about that, hate when things like that happen.

I love the look of the tank! But are you sure that'll be okay for 2 dwarf puffers and an Oto? There's not much "hiding" places or where they can explore. As you know puffers are aggressive and if they don't have enough space they may kill one another or the Oto.

I also have a 7.9 rimless tank I plan on getting 2 DP.
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