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7.5 Cube Log:

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Day One:
I finally redesigned my whole tank as I've been super unhappy with how it looked. Still not sure how I feel about it now but it's definitely progress. I used eco-complete substrate for this tank and plants so far are bacopa, AR, anubias, anubias nana. I'm planning on getting more plants but first need to get a suitable light. I have 3 options I've narrowed down,

Finnex Fugeray planted plus moonlights clip on- $40
Finnex Stingray 12"- $30
Chihiros 12"- $30 (I like this one but it ships from China so it would take 2-4 weeks and I'm extremely impatient)

Which one do you think I should pick?

Also looking into getting either dwarf water lettuce or some red root floaters to provide some cover.

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12" stingray is 21.99 from finnex site aquavibrant.

What is the depth of this tank?

10" planted plus clip on is 25ish par at 12" depth and Im assuming the stingray is a little less (18-20ish par).
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