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66 Gallon Low Tech Journal

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Well, working on getting my 66 gallon tank set up as a planted. Right now its not a whole lot to look at because I am starting out dry to attempt to get a carpet of HC growing.

My substrate is MTS topped with a thin layer of gravel followed by about 1.5" of play sand.

Here you can see the starting of the HC bed. Planted a few days ago and can see some growth already.

And a quick photo of a 5 gallon tank that will be taken down once the 66 is together. Didnt really feel like making a whole new topic to show it :p

Planning on getting to add water in about a months time. I will probably toss a new photo up every week along with some of the numerous questions I will have along the way.

Please feel free to leave comments, constructive criticism is always welcome as well.

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the driftwood looks good, love the placement too
Yea my plan right now is to have the left 2/3 of the tank planted thick and to leave the right 1/3 with some background plants but leave the foreground mostly bare.
Already got a question for you all. My hc seems to be growing, but it is growing vertically. Can this be trimmed down and replanted to make more horizontal growth or is this just a waiting game?
**UPDATED** 66 gallow low tech journal

Well here is an update. I went to a local mom and pop fish store here in town and they had a fish that they had adopted from someone, after hearing they were trying to find a home for it I decided I would take it. They have no clue what type of fish it is, I can tell it is some sort of bottom feeder but that is about it.

Now a couple quick questions. I have a white looking algae groing on the larger piece of driftwood. I have heard this is normal and goes away in a couple weeks. So no need to have any concern right?

Also I have green strings coming off of some of the stuff in my tank. Any input on what this is and how to get rid of it.

Dont know if anyone cares but my parameters are:

PH 7.8 No2 0.2 No3 5

So im pretty happy with that. Water is getting cloudy, planning a 20% change tomorrow.
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