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Hello everyone,
I currently have a Spec V with plants and i'm about to transfert them all into a new tank. I have baby Austrolebias Alexandri 'El Pingo' and the need a proper tank (spec V is perfect)
I will put here my history.
Canadian price with tax included.

(will edit this section)
Detail :
Aquarium Low iron glass (without logo brand) 115$
Aquarium Mat Black (carpet) 20$
Filter Eheim classic 250 136$
Current USA Satellite Plus 18" 110$
Single Ramp Timer 45$
Ista Co2 Aluminium Cylinder 1L 110$?
Di CI Mini Co2 Regulator with bubble counter 40$ ?
Co2 Super Diffuser Saga 8$ ?
Ista mini-Surface Skimmer 10$
Lily Water Pipe 24$
Around 4.5kg of seiryu rock (wish they were better looking) 18$(?)
Driftwood main piece 20$ i think, don't know for the other part.

Vesicularia montagnei
Anubias 'Mini nana'
Hemianthus Callitrichoides 'Cuba'
Micranthemum 'Monte carlo'
Staurogyne repens
alternanthera reineckii 'Mini'
Bucephalandra 'Hades'
Bucephalandra 'Palmtree'
Bucephalandra 'Cherry'
Bucephalandra 'Emerald'
Hygrophila pinnatifida
Cryptocoryne Lucens

6 Danio margaritatus
2 Otocinclus
2 Dario dario

3 Baby currently in a special tank Austrolebias Alexandri 'El Pingo'

2 Unkown from St-Lawrence in montreal
4 Horned nerite

5 Palaemonetes

Here my hardscape :

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Re-arrange a bit the look,

Started to put Vesicularia montagnei

Ok... i guess i didn't boiled enough the wood, you win this time wood, but the war just began !
I attach rock to the wood with fishing line.

I think i will wait 2 week before doing anything else.
Meanwhile, time to time i knock the wood so air bubble come out.

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So after many month, i decide to redo my scaping because i was unhappy with my results. I learn couple thing on some plants and how they behave. I removed the Hygrophila pinnatifida before taking photos, it grow and spread like crazy in my aquarium.

I try to get a jungle look, but line is thine between jungle and mess !

So here my aquarium and he's current state and going to be completly change :

And here a sneak peak of the pièce de résistance :


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Busy with work but manage to change my aquarium.

I recently got a algea bloom (you can still see it on branch of bonsai) but it's under control and plants seem too actualy like this. The Co2 level went super high and killed 4 yamato/amano, i put a air dispensair for O2, fish went ok after 30min.

I bought a bit more Monte Carlo (light green spot on photo). Planning to upgrade the light, thinking kessil but the price is crazy (700$+ cdn)


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I bought the A360WE Tuna Sun, at first i was disapointed by the light, and probably always will just because of the price (this is actualy my most stupid/expansive product have bought for what it does (price disproportion). 770$ cdn is a lot. Reason i;m disapointed is because of the color spectrum super narrow, there not much difference, actualy wonder if its defect or not and the how the light come on at it<s lowest density. It's freaking bright from dark room to full light room in my saloon. i was hoping for something way more subtil. That being say, my plants, specialy monte carlo, seem to be realy please to finaly receive more powerful light.

I'm trying to fight against Staghorn with Excel, and not much fertiziler, but it seem to come back every time.

Also new fish.


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27 August update,
Changed the furniture under the aquarium, add new plant, testing some plants also, lost black phantom tetra, built a top to avoid light leaking, recycle piece from my old ikea furniture.
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