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I am breaking down my current aquarium and selling all the components for a planted tank. Everything is fully functional. The tank could use a quick algae scrape and wipe-down but otherwise it's all ready to go! Asking $400 for everything but would consider selling separate items. I'm in Sunnyside, NY and available after 6:30pm or on the weekend.

All-Glass Aquarium Tank Black 36X18X24 65G - no leaks, includes two-piece glass lid, just needs a quick cleaning

Wood Tank Stand - painted black 36X18X28

Fluval 305 External Canister Filter - 260 gallons per hour - runs fine, no problem with leaks, some wear and tear but nothing major

M3 Deluxe CO2 Regulator - dual gauge with solenoid - 6 months old, like new

5 lbs brushed aluminum CO2 tank - 6 months old, new when bought, still has some CO2 in it

Red Sea CO2 Indicator

Mr. Aqua CO2 Glass Blown Bubble Counter / Diffuser - small crack on the bubble counter part but doesn't effect how it diffuses

Two Coralife Freshwater Aqualight T5 Series Double Linear Lamp Fixtures - 36" - currently each have two 6700K, 39 Watt T5 HO bulbs in them - all bulbs are working

Two Coralife Replacement 34", 6700K, 39 Watt T5 HO Fluorescent Lamps - still in box, never used

36 inch 1x96 Watt Current USA Power Compact Single Satellite Fixture - with cooling fan and night-light - currently with 6700K bulb

Water heater

Python 25' No Spill Clean And Fill siphon - includes faucet adapter

Plus a variety of supplies: unopened food, meds, water conditioner,
fluval carbon and water polishing pads, nets, tubing, automatic feeder. A big piece of driftwood and some slate and river rocks are also available.

This is for pick-up only though I can help carry it all to your car.

PM me if interested! Thanks!



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