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Hey all, first post here... I'll share details about my tanks and aquascapes soon!

I have 4 planted tanks, 10, 20, 29 and 65g.

All are low tech except for the 65g, which is a high-tech tank with EI dosing, co2, and I'm trying to get medium to high light at the substrate level...

The problem is that this tank is TALL. 24". My substrate is around 3-4" deep, so I'm looking for lighting that will penetrate sufficiently at least 20" down to the substrate.

Currently I have 2 36" Finnex Planted+ fixtures, spaced 3" or so apart in the front half of the tank, with a Deep Blue dual T5HO fixture along the back.

This is fine for my taller plants (cuban ludwigia and ludwigia repens in the background grow like weeds) but my foreground and mid ground plants are growing very slowly. The cuba and l. repens only really get good orange/red coloring when they reach the top 6" of the tank- and the growth explodes up there. I had a single stem of cuba last week with 7 buds branching out.

I'm thinking of replacing the dual T5 HO fixture with a Ray2 along the mid ground, and placing one of the Planted+ in front of and one behind the Ray2. Do you feel this will get me to where I need to be? Other species in the tank are rotala macrandra (growing somewhat quickly, but very pale orange color), s. repens (growing slowly, new growth looks good but old growth seems to rot away quickly), and hygrophila pinnatifida (looking really good! this plant used to melt away on me, but I finally have co2 where it needs to be...).

This feels like it might be overkill, but the light right now just isn't very bright to the eye (very unscientific, I know) in the lower half of the tank.

Anyone have any thoughts? I really appreciate any feedback you might have. Thanks!

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