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65 Gallon tall. What would be the best setup?

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I have a 65 Gallon tank, measurements are 36L x 24H x 18W.

I want to upgrade my lighting, but don't want to spend some ridiculous amount of money on it.

The substrate will be some cheap top soil that I can find around here, and as for the 'styling' of the tank, I want to go with an Iwagumi style tank.

I wanted to go with Hair Grass, but I think (based on here) that I will need a LOT of light to be able to grow it successfully in my tank.

My other options of plants that I would want to use are Dwarf Sag. or Lilaeopsis macloviana, if I can find some.

Probably Blyxa Japonica, and maybe some others, but I don't want to get the tank too cluttered.

I was looking at some 'shoplights' that are 36", holding four T-8 bulbs at home depot the other day, it was like 23.99. At 36w per light, that would put me at 154w of light, a little over 2 wpg. I don't think that's even enough light to grow plants well is it?

I also want to go with an el-natural style setup, consisting of Harlequin Rasboras (LOTS as I want a GIANT school of these LOL) and some sort of shrimp (yet to be decided, but probably CRS or RCS, I like the way both of those look.)

I don't want to do much Co2 other than maybe a couple diy bottles.

So talk to me guys, give me some pointers on getting this thing the way i've been wanting.
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You shouldn't have a problem growing the dwarf hairgrass with the shop lights, it will just be slow. I had it growing in a 29 with only 30 watts with basically no ferts, it grew slow but it grew. Now I've upgraded my lighting to 2x65, but only use 1x65 because one of the ballasts went out and I haven't replaced it yet, and it still grows pretty slow but not bad. Same thing with the blyxa japonica, except it's still growing really slow after the new lights.

If you want the BEST set up, the shop lights and no co2 isn't it. However, those shop lights would probably work ok, you just may not get fantastic (fast) growth using them.

Let me know what you go with. I have this same tank in the lobby of my fathers business, but it's fish only right now but some day it will be nicely planted.
I'm not worried with slow growth, I just don't want plants dying and destroying my tank.

As far as bulbs, I was thinking of 2 6700k and 2 10000k or 8000k bulbs.
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