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65 Gallon Stocking Questions?

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Okay, squealing aside, I have some questions.
If I stock the tank mostly with tiny fish such as small cories, pencilfish, and small danios, about how many can I keep? It's going to be pretty heavily planted.
Can anyone reccommend some decently fast-spreading bushy plants that are okay in just medium light?
If I eventually add a twig catfish, will he eat my other fish? They have sucker mouths, and I've seen tiny fish in with suckermouth fish a hundred times their size, so I'm assuming sucker mouth=non-piscivore. Is this right?
As regards hillstream loaches, I know they like fast water, but is just an area of the tank with strong current enough, or do they need fast water all over the tank?
Anyone know how to select otocinclus that won't die in a month or so? As in, how can you tell if they were caught with cyanide?
Does anyone know much about swamp darters? I'm pretty sure they have similar care requirements to cories and gobies, is this correct?
What can you tell me about Texas orange-throated darters? Relatively easy care? Mean? Nice? The ones I see in rivers don't seem territorial.
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You might play with the stocking calculator on this site. It isn't the end all but it will give you a starting point.

Check this site for plants that are easy and need moderate light. Sword plants grow fast but many kinds grow too large for most tanks. Crypt. wendtii stay a better size but usually will dissolve to the crown in new set ups. Some of the Hygrophilia grow fast and take up a lot of room.

I must be lucky, usually otos do okay for me. Buy fat ones that are larger and be sure to have something for them to eat in your tank. Mine don't like prepared food but go right after aged zucchini slices. Not fresh, ones that have been submerged for a day or so and look like they are rotting. Otos eat that 'rot'. I don't think they are caught with poison but rather treated with antibiotics that kill the bacteria in the gut they need to digest the algae they eat so they starve to death.

I would love to have hillstream loaches too but have resisted because of the high O2 requirement. Twig cats are a hoot too. They lurch around and are fun to find when hiding in the tank. I really like them a lot. Never even saw them eating dead fish and they certainly couldn't catch live ones. Never tried the other fish you are interested in.

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My otos are currently rooting in the substrate like tiny corydoras - going after algae flakes. I wouldn't count on it though, especially with just imported fish.

No idea on the pencilfish. Maybe if they have the same swimming pattern and are the same shape different kinds would school together.

Badis? Never had them but they sure are cuties. Peacock gudgeons are another interesting extremely colorful and not very large fish.

The small fish in the rainbowfish family like Threadfins? Just spectacular fish.

One would hope tiny sparkling gouramis in a good sized tank like your new one would be able to find their own territories and get along.

Would Darter tetras or Stiphodon atropurpureus work better than Hillstream loaches? Sure would love to have any of these some time.
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