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Hello all!

I tried my hand at Iwagumi style, this is my first attempt to do so! I thought I would leave some pictures and some progress for some of you that might be interested! I for sure had a lot of fun to do it over the last weeks and I can't wait for it to grow!

Here is the setup

Cabinet - Ikea Besta
Filter - Eheim Classic 350
Media - Eheim Coarse pad, Eheim filter media, ceramic media, mesh, Purigen
Light - Chihiros RGB scheduled with a dimmer & timer
Substrate - Seachem flourite, gravel as base layer and black sand on top.

The tank has in-line co2 injection controlled by a timer and a solenoid. I also added some root tabs since Flourite does not provide nutrient as aquasoil would do. It's clay base is made to absorb and retain nutrients for plant growth not to provide it.

Enough talking! Here are some photos!

This is was my hardscape foundation. I chose Seiryu stone for the scape as it is a stone that offer a lot of depth and details. I particularly love these stones!


Here I thought it was pretty boring and so I decided I should add some details to make it more realistic! I grabbed a hammer and went into my garage to smash some stones into smaller pieces.


Next step was adding some sand and on to the planting!

For the plants you will see some Marsilea Crenata (2 cups) and Dwarf hair grass (4 cups) around the rocks, HC Cuba (4 cups) is covering most of the ground. I was lucky enough to find some Riccardi Chamedryfolia which is pretty hard to find at this moment, at least for me it was. I found a great local guy who had some in his tank and he offered to give me some! It is pretty hard to see as I don't have a lot but you can notice some on rock tips on the last photo!


Finally! It is time to add give it a little spray and to wrap the tank for a 6-8 weeks dry start incubation! Figured dry start would work great on my plant population as they can all grow out of water. During this period I have my light on at 100% 12 hours a day. No need to worry about algae during this phase! At worst I will have to deal with some fungus which can be eliminated with excel.


Thank you for reading up until here! Tell me what you guys think about the scape or what fish population you guys think I should put in there! Next update will probably be midway during the dry start period and then on flood day!

Have a great day and looking forward reading your comments!

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