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60P can't stay away

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I haven't had a planted tank in a couple of years. I went reef and then got bit by the bug hard so went really hardcore into that world. Still doing it and going strong. Well I was cleaning out my garage getting ready for new reef tank project and came across a bunch of Seiryu stone I had bought a long time ago and never used. Some were big pieces too. Also found my old CAD 60P tank as well. I run a calcium reactor on my reef so I have a 20lb co2 tank in my garage feeding the reef system so figured it would be too easy to install a second outlet with another solenoid and needle valve to the planted tank.

With this tank though I wanted to bring in some of the things I like about my reef tank and one of them being the external ghost type overflow. I was trying to think of a way to integrate it with a canister filter and then realized it would be super simple with my spare Tunze Osmolator auto top off. So tank will be all drilled with dual returns and eshopps eclipse M overflow.

So this is the plan.

This is the eclipse overflow in medium size

It's two boxes with the slim small one going inside the tank and the large one with the red pvc going outside of the tank. I am going to remove the red pvc pipe and have both outlets run a full siphon to my canister filter.

This is a tunze 3155 Osmolator

Because there is a canister filter in place the only area where the water level will fluctuate because of evaporation will be in the external box of the overflow. Having the osmolator sensor inside the box will keep it filled.

This will give me awesome surface skimming and no lily pipes of any kind inside the tank.

For lights I am doing 2x of the brand new Kessil A80 Tuna Sun on goosenecks. Dr Fosters had an awesome coupon so got both of them with goosenecks for an awesome deal. They have no fans and are small. The main thing that differs from the Kessil A160 though is that these have the same hybrid optic from the Kessil AP700 reef light which is a large dome optic on a big reflector. The AP700 has some of the best spread on a reef light because of this. The light is only 15W but because of the big reflector it will be plenty.

Here you can see the reflector which is deeper than the one found on the A160.

Also Kessil has tweaked the spectrum on the A80 making it wider at 500nm and adding more red when the light is at the 6000K setting which I like.

I got to see the light in action at MACNA this year and the spread is quite awesome for such a small light. It is quite a strong little light on smaller tanks. The light was backordered at dr fosters but I should have it by first week of December.

The rest

ADA Malaya
Chihiros Dr (maybe)
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Looking forward to this depending on plant selection. But a definite because of gear(overflow, kessils) u have and Malaya substrate.
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