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hello all the Captain here.
I was just wanting to share a little bit with you all on our latest project.
this was a 600 gallon glass aquarium which sat empty for quite awhile the seals had dried and of course become deficient.
Then some individual tried to reseal the tank using tub and tile caulk. lol
So we came in and I resealed the tank properly using the only type of silicone which should be used on such a large tank with a massive water volume.
however the main problem was that when the other individual had resealed the tank they had not sat the panels in properly and left a big gap in one of the corners.

So i sealed it up as best i could but the only way to truly fix it was to either have the client purchase a brand new acrylic tank, or to move this tank..(which would have taken a lot of manpower a 600 gallon glass tank is not light)
Then i had an idea to be more economical for my client and to also offer a much neater alternative.

As an aquarium professional I get my fair share of saltwater tanks, and I travel around the country doing public aquariums, jellyfish tanks and even temperate marine tanks. i breed seahorses, and I have a few freshwater tanks which are killifish, kribensis, and german blue rams which are my favorite freshwater fish.
I also have mudskippers lol
So what I am trying to say is I wanted a break from orchid dottybacks and yellow tangs lol
i wanted to do something different in a public place to show how cool it could be. So I came up with a solution.
Looking at the Indiana Jones pinball machine in the Ravari Room right next door gave me the idea I needed. An Indiana Jones mudskipper vivarium, the likes of which not even the Columbus Zoo has lol
We turned the empty dirty old tank in houndogs pizza into a quite impressive mudskipper and fiddler crab vivarium, which is mostly natural and none of those inserts like most people use. There is no beating mother nature.
this was a lot of fun to do and the mudskippers will be in next week. we will also be adding a misting system and a few other goodies. so enjoy and if you get a chance hounddogs has some pretty good pizza. ... 871&type=1
So the next time you have a leaking tank, provided it is leaking in all the right places you might be able to turn it into something way cooler than a regular tank.
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