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Local pickup in 32773

Got these from Hans on July 8, 2011 all at 2.5"

Here is the original list of the 12 I bought - Blue Pigeon Blood, Pigeon Blood, Marlboro Red, Brillant Turquoise, Red Scribbelt, Red Turquoise, Flachen, Blue Diamond, Flachen Snakeskin, Cobalt, Snakeskin Blue, Alenquer. Two I do not have anymore, not sure on the names but it's the smaller orange one (pigeon blood?) and one of the patterned blues.

I've seen up to 4 pairs laying eggs, one does so on constant basis, seen wrigglers few times, but never provided right environment to really raise them. Main pair is Blue pigeon blood and Marlboro red(i think).

Videos of them growing up are available on my YouTube channel - link in the signature. Video of them all today is the second one in my channel's playlist.

Not splitting as of yet. Please have adequate tank at least 120ish gallons.

I feed them beef heart mix that I make myself - cleaned up beef heart, garlic, vitamins, spirullina, fish oil, and NLS Thera-A pellets mixed in. Run through meat grinder few times and freeze in plastic bags.

For another $250 can buy the 120g tank they are in with 55g sump, overflow box, pump, stand etc.
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