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Hello folks, i've been using these forums for a long time now but this is the first time i'm actually posting!

Alright first off let me get my specs out of the way.

60 gallon Tank: 18"L x 30"W x 24"H

Lighting (4) 24 watt t5 ho with highly polish reflectors

Fixture sits 4 inches above the lid

2x 10k
2x 6500
I use 10 ml of metricide daily ( not diluted )
Root tab with osmocote plus every month or two

ph 7.5
gh 30 ppm
kh 80 ppm

Alright now that is out of the way. This was not my original set up. I've had this tank for about 3 years now. Originally I was using only 2 10k t5 ho bulbs, no liquid carbon, and little fert. My growth was great for about 2 years then all of a sudden it pretty much stopped.

I figured maybe the fluorite just wasn't providing enough. So I began dosing with flourish, but managed to grow brown algae instead and noticed no significant growth to my plants.

So I figured I would put a little more money into it and increase the lighting with 2 more HO bulbs and start dosing with liquid carbon. I've also added a few more plants since a lot of my growth died off before this. I'm about 2 weeks in using 4 bulbs, carbon dosing, and liquid fert every week ( 5ml of flourish ). I also perform a 15% water change weekly and a 50 every 3 weeks along with cleaning out the canister filter.

As far as plants go I have

Anubius - This is the pretty much the sole survivor of the tank from the initial set up. It was so big i split it up into 2. Since my tech change there has been 2 new leaf sprouts, but the majority of the leaves are covered in what I suppose is dead algae. It's black and I cannot scrub it off the leaves.

Just planted some dwarf hairgrass all along the foreground. It's been in for a week. It's still green but I haven't noticed many runners. Honestly it's hell trying to keep them from dislodging because my redtail and bala shark love chomping around in the substrate.

I have some java ferns that I had planted in the substrate by mistake. They are now tied to my driftwook center. Many of the leaves on these were also nearly black. I've pruned away nearly all of that away ( didn't leave much of the plant left )

some hydrocotyle leucocephala that I planted last week as well, they seem to be doing well.

Also planted a few crypts in the back and they are no better or worse.

I figured with the lighting, fert, and addition of liquid carbon, I would see growth weekly. All I am seeing is brown algae. I'm scraping it off the aquarium daily. Oh and I almost forget, I light 7 hours a day. The tank receives no indirect sunlight either.

I'm not looking to get ridiculous growth, but enough to make the tank look nice and full.

Any help would be great, thank you.

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Just an update. Dropped the 4 t5ho's to 2. Still lighting 7 hours a day. Added a few DYI root tabs with some fert and gel caps. Going to be adding 1 ml of flurish a day a long with 10 ml of glutaraldehyde. Will see if that cuts down the algae and perhaps see some growth.

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Reducing the light energy was good move.
Might also purchase macro/micro package of dry fertz from
While the root tabs may or may not contain macronutrient's that the flourish trace,or comprehensive lacks in any meaningful way,they will benefit the planted/rooted plant's, more than they will the anubia and or fern attached to hardscape (rock's/wood).
The macro micro package would supply most everything the plant's need except phosphates which fish food could provide or ,you can order some KH2PO4 with the macro/micro package.
Could dose the dry fertz once or twice a week depending on plant mass and continue with the Glut.
Point being,I doubt the flourish product alone will have enough macronutrient's and is considered by many to be micronutrient's mostly.
Would keep lighting as you are for next few week's.(two bulbs)
With your previous set up,could be the plant's you had just got as big as they grow rather than they just stopped ?
P.S. Can find some fabric mesh to place over the dwarf hair grass or micro sword till it get's good root system, and this might keep fishes noted for rooting around from uprooting it to some degree.
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