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This is my second nano.
It is 24l/6 gallons, it has 2x18w fluorescent bulbs and DIY canopy. I dont add co2 yet, but should I?
Substrate is tropica plant substrate.


Alternanthera reineckii ''lilacina'' ('Purple')
Marsilea hirsuta
Bacopa Australis
The Green one is "john doe"
Soon I will add some java moss on driftwood and also i want to get HC too!
Anubias could be also pretty nice on driftwood, couldn't it?


At the moment there aren't any living things.
Soon i will buy some shrimps and nano fishes.

But, watch the pictures and I would like to get some feedback:


and now:

Ps! Bad camera! sorry!

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it looks nice, maybe try moving the wood off to the side more, and make it look more natural with the background plants

also i strongly suggest you split up the right hand plant and get a carpet on the go, just split them into the individual strands and platn about 1cm away form each other

looks promisiing tho
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