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I have a 6 Gallon Fluval Edge with stock 21 LEDs and CO2 on the way. I'd like to put a LED bar over the top to help promote plant growth. Ideally I would like to have DHG in the back and Dwarf Baby Tears in the foreground.

The tank is only 17" long x 13.7" wide x 14.5" deep and after filling with Fluval Plant substrate The plants would only be maybe 12-13" from the light source.

After looking around it seems my choices are the:
- Marineland Double Bright 18" LED strip (30 par @ 12")
- Finnex FugeRay 12" fixture (25 PAR @ 12")
- Finnex Ray II: 16" fixture (49 PAR @ 12")

I'm a bit worried about gettin to high powered of a light (algae growth etc) given the distance from the substrate to the light bar. Also this would be used with the current stock 21 LED light array that comes with the Edge.

Current set up:

What are your thoughts on the different LED options?

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Why not get a 16" FugeRay instead of Ray II??

Even resting on top of the tank, you'll need to dose ferts and provide CO2.

Marineland Double Bright would work but would also provide less PAR than promised, along with being rather spotty (beams are focused) when it comes to coverage of your particular tank.
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