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Hi everyone,

I've been out of the hobby for a little while now. My last tank was a few years ago, I attempted a high tech iwagumi (finnex Ray 2, pressurized co2) with the dry start method. it went okay for a while but I got really bad Cyanobacteria, and ended up moving so I was forced to tear down my tank. Anyway now that I'm settled I want to start my 6 gallon back up and have everything go right this time but I had some questions before I put it all together.

The first: I saved the Aquasoil from my previous tank, and it's all dry now from being stored. Is this still okay to use or do I risk introducing cyano into my new build? I was planning on buying some Amazonia powder so I can achieve higher slopes in the new tank, will this be okay to use with the old as well?

The second: I'm not sure about fertilizers this go round. Previously I used the ADA line, but I'd like to find something that's a little more cost effective. I used EI on an old tank years ago, but I'm not sure how the small measurements would translate to a nano. And will EI work if I'm already using Aquasoil? I've done some research but I can't really find any definite answers. Im open to all suggestions here!

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