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This is the tank that started it all...

okay, it was actually a 1 gallon fish bowl with a betta and an anachris plant.

**My daughter is taking an AP Enviro class (she's homeschooled) and needed to see the effect of plants on the aquatic system. As she did the experiment I was amazed at the effects of plant on fish tanks. 6 Weeks 1 gallon of water, 1 fish, NO WATER CHANGES! **

I did research, purchased the tank, and started the tank so that when the 6 weeks were up he'd have a new home.

I'm now 2 months into this and have 4 small 2 gallon tanks along with my 6 gallon.

I'll start this Journal with some photos of where it started and where it is now then keep it updated as I go along.

Schuber Wright 6 gallon low iron

Finnex p-360

Finnex FugeRay 16"
*changed out to FugeRay 20" as 16 was WAY not enough
** changed out to 2 CFL 100 W 6500K bulbs in clamp lights on wine bottles as Finnex just didn't have the light needed.

Day 2 of DIY CO2
* First day I gassed some shrimp :(
** Remade CO2 solution, changed to a chopstick as a diffuser (for microbubbles)

Finnex Titanium 100W (moved the 50W to another tank and they only had 100W in stock and needed it ASAP

2" CaribSea Eco-Complete 20-Pound Planted Aquarium, Black
2" Up Aqua Shrimp Sand

*looking around and whispering*
"live" rock - i didn't know better and i don't want to tear it down and redo..yet.

This is where it all started....
Some Hornswort, Some whisteria, some red crypt, that big plant in the back right (my daughter wanted that... it's roots are HUGE so i just keep cutting all the leaves off) and shrimp tubes ...

IMG_0377 by laq997, on Flickr

Well it wouldn't be a journal if i didn't show you the progress...

Well within a few days all my crypts melted (I was NOT happy, I later learned this was normal) and I added some "red plants" from pet smart.

New Betta as well (which led to tanks 2 and 3) she (he) is just prettier.

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

Within 4 hours of putting the shrimp in the tank with the betta I discovered the betta LOVES shrimp Sushi... by 8 hours the betta was out of there (and tank 4 was on it's way)

In just a few weeks I had a good looking tank, and more plants a palm tree looking one (which i now know is 'semi' aquatic) - no idea what that means but i died in my other tank... well not died so much as grew fuzz and messed the tank up.. this one is doing "okay"

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

I went away for Thanksgiving and came home to find this...

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

I was very excited... Then I discovered the WHOLE tank was berried!

This is a shot of the back

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

And of SOME of it's inhabitants:

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

I did a MAJOR redo this weekend...
added the CO2 mentioned, it needed it.
Moved the intake to be closer to the outflow (apparently dead spots are bad.. who knew) and changed the inflow so it moved the top of the water so i don't have to de-film it daily ... eeewww...

and TRIMED the tank...

Now I should say I trimmed the tank every week or two before it got crazy overgrown... then without the CO2 nothing grew, and it needed more light... Light was added 1.5 weeks ago (i was using excell but hated how 'icky' the water got)

I'll put the photos up in a few ...

I know me.. this will be ever changing... (in case you didn't figure that out by 2 months and constant changes...)

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So this is the tank today:

It's inhabited by
10-11 Fire Red Cherry Shrimp Adults (was 14 prior to gassing 2 days ago), 14+ Juvies, No idea how many babies
1 "Yellow" NeoC shrimp that is GREEN, and I think may not actually be a neo at all (the other 9 died in shipping or within 24 hrs of getting here)
2+ horned nerite snails (the others died - I kill snails no matter what I do they just die)
3 Amano shrimp
1 ?? shrimp that is supposed to be an Amano (from same place as yellow) but looks like a bamboo (which I HATE, he's creepy if someone's local and can catch him he's yours):eek::eek:

Plants added are:
Ludwigia Inclinata Cuban
Vesuvius Sword

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

As you can see i thinned out the left side (i was moving the return and things were not pretty back in that corner

This is the back now

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

I need to do something about that hornswort ... open to ideas... i hate the stuff but all the newborns call it home (and 'the kid' likes it)

I moved the return and inflow next to each other. I hate those big black hose/things and the fact the are L brackets not U drive me nuts (it's the little things)

Here are the air/co2 diffusers I made from chop sticks they produce REALLY small fine bubbles (way better then the 99 cent airstone i bought at petsmart)

I used the part of the chopsticks that are attached then break at angles when you separate them. the angle is what gives it 'more' bubbles and finer as bamboo is hollow.

I have both co2 and air going -- CO2 is 4-6 bubbles then 10 seconds then 4-6 more. Air is 'almost off'

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

this is what the bubbles look like in action.. it's about 2 air to 1 co2 (i am VERY scared of gassing more little shrimps.. especially since some seem to 'like it'

[flash=]width="400" height="225" flashvars="intl_lang=en-us&photo_secret=3738ff85e1&photo_id=8330296465" bgcolor="#000000" allowFullScreen="true"[/flash]

I have some 'things' i need to deal with (cheep ideas welcome)
like the mess behind the tank... it's a finnex filter so it has to be no lower then 2' from the top of the tank

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

BGA problem ... just starting but AHHHH

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

I want this to form an 'arch' over my shrimp tube i just don't know how to get them to stay..

Untitled by laq997, on Flickr

and why are they NOT throwing off shoots of new plants?

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