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The plans have changed again. I decided to make two of the tanks into reefs and four into planted. I put my custom counter tops on the stands today after taking the old tops off of the three larger stands. I left the old tops on the small stands to make up for the one inch height difference of the Marineland tanks which makes all of the rims the same height now.

I get carried away when I do things and usually end up buying way more than I need. I did that with the driftwood. Besides what is sitting in the tanks I have a good sized box stuffed full of small Manzanita pieces.


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I decided to focus on a single tank, the 60g in the middle, and only getting what I need to get that one tank running. If I do all of the tanks at once I end up having a giant pile of equipment laying around for an extended period and I already have two other piles going like that for one large and one giant project.

I ordered the Radion XR15 Freshwater light, the set OF 2 RMS Arms, RMS slide for XR15, Multi-Light RMS Track, 20.5"(Fits Aquariums 18.5" - 28.5") and the Neptune WXM wireless expansion module for the Apex controller. $608.95

The reason I ordered the set of two arms and the multi-light track is so that I can center the light over the 24" deep tank. When I add the next light to the next tank I can get a longer multi-light track and span the two tanks. I can keep expanding up to just over 8 feet wide which is the width of all of the tanks together. I will be doing that until I install a lighting truss overhead and then mount the longest multi-light track onto the truss.

I added on a Vortec MP10W-QD just in case. I also tossed in some CO2 tubing and a GH/KH test kit. I ordered all of this from Aquacave. They are located in my state so I had to pay tax but I trust the company. My sister has been using them forever. Aquacave total, $974.74

I also made an order with CO2ART for the majority of the CO2 parts. I got everything except for the tank. Aquacave was sold out of the 20lb tanks. Also ordered the largest glass lily pipes for inflow and outflow, 16/22mm, the glass CO2 checker plus reagent, over the rim glass CO2 line adapter, Advance Professional Aquarium CO2 Dual Stage Regulator with 12V Swiss Solenoid and World Class Custom Build-in Needle Valve - BS341 / DIN477 / W21.8, Bubble counter, extra check valve, suction cups for tubing and finally the extra large pollen glass diffuser.

I used their expedited shipping so I would have a tracking number. Final total with shipping was $427.25

Next on the agenda is getting the Aquasoil and additives. $223.81 with shipping. I have to save up some more pennies to get it.

I will be using a LifeGard Aquatics compact filter on the 60g that I already bought. I wanted the heater to be out of the tank and I will use the chemical module for biological media. I will have to replace the hoses that came with it. They are black and I want clear to better go with the glass lily pipes.

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I am sooooo going overboard on this stuff.

I had planned on using a bunch of peristaltic pumps for fert dosing, topping off and auto water changes. I had considered buying some cheap Jeabo 4 pump slaves, butchering them and hooking all of the individual motors up to power supplies which would get plugged into an Apex EB8.

That would have been the cheap way to do lots of the pumps but I decided to go with the Apex DOS peristaltic pumps and use their DOS dual reservoir with level sensors for the fert dosing.

For the auto top off and water changes I will have to use standard float switches with an Apex breakout box until Apex releases their water level sensors that are being made to work with the DOS pumps.

If things go well for the next 3 days I should have almost everything ordered for the first tank and also be able to order most of the parts for the second tank. I will do the 12" x 12" x 24" tall 15g after the 60g. All of the tanks will be getting Radions.

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This past week of ordering parts online. A few things will be for the 2 reef tanks. I have been pretty much able to get everything for all three planted tanks with the exception of four DOS pumps, two DOS reservoirs and two double float switches for the two smaller tanks. If I can come up with another $1,000.00 before midnight tomorrow night I will be able to order them before the sales go away. Black Friday/Cyber Monday has been very good for my internet sales of crochet patterns. Over 4 grand in 3 days so far with one more day to go.

In my list I think I missed an invoice or two because I could have sworn that I spent about 4 grand on this stuff this week. My total for these is $3,282.01.

* Marine Depot
3 Replacement CO2 Solenoid For CO2 Regulator 149.97
1 EcoTech Marine Multi-Light RMS XR30 Slide 20.00
3 EcoTech Marine Multi-Light RMS XR15 Slide 60.00
2 EcoTech Marine Radion XR15 FW Freshwater LED Light Fixture 598.00
1 EcoTech Marine Multi-Light RMS 90.5 Inch Track 129.00
1 Neptune Systems Energy Bar 8 Expansion Unit (EB8) 143.96

* Marine Depot
2 Neptune Systems Apex AquaController PM1 152.92
2 Neptune Systems Standard Grade pH Probe 80.92
2 Neptune Systems Temperature Probe For Apex 53.92
1 AquaMaxx Tonga Branch Dry Live Rock - 25 lbs (for reefs) 107.70

* Aquacave
3 CO2 Brass Check Valve 110.82
3 High Quality CO2 Needle Valve 71.22
1 0.75" Gate Valve, Slip 16.10
1 0.75" Bulkhead, sch. 40, Slip x Slip 4.21
1 0.75" PVC Elbow SLIP x SLIP, 90 degree .59
1 0.75" PVC Male Adapter MPT x SLIP .84
10 5/8" ID (3/4" OD) Flexible CLEAR Tubing, per foot 11.00
20 1/2" ID (5/8" OD) Flexible CLEAR Tubing, per foot 16.80
1 Spigot Adapter 90 deg. Elbow 0.75" Spigot x 0.75" Insert .78
6 3/4" ID (1" OD) Flexible CLEAR Tubing, per foot 7.62
1 Skimz Coral Feeders, 2 Pack, 16" & 24" 8.95
2 Finnex FugeRay Planted + 16" 101.92

* Bulk Reef Supply
2 Vertex Line-Mag Holder 40.58
2 Vertex Sensor-Mag XD Probe Holder 54.38

* Drs. Foster & Smith
2 Hydor ETH In-Line Heater 200 watt, 1/2" 83.98
2 Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filters PRO 150 81.78
2 Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filters White Filter Wool for PRO 150, 2-pk 16.98
2 Hydor Professional External Aquarium Filters Black Mechanical Filter Foam for PRO 150, 2-pk 33.98
1 Penguin Powerhead Model 550 15.29
2 Ball Valves Barbed-end 1/2" 6.78
1 Ball Valves Barbed-end 5/8" 2.89
2 BIOMAX Filter Media Repl. Media 17.63 oz 16.98

* Beverage Elements
1 20 lb CO2 Cylinder with Handle - Aluminum - New 105.95

* Bulk Reef Supply
2 Vertex Line-Mag Holder 40.58
2 Vertex Sensor-Mag XD Probe Holder 54.38
1 DŌS Dosing and Fluid Metering System - Neptune Systems 296.99
1 DŌS Dual Reservoir DDR - Neptune Systems 179.99
1 Neptune Systems I/O Breakout Box 35.99
1 Dual Bracket ReefKeeper Float Switch Kit - Digital Aquatics 55.24
1 DC2500HP Apex Ready DC Pump - Waveline (660 GPH) 94.34

* CO2Art
1 Nano Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker 8.40
1 Lily Pipes and Aquarium Filter Hose Spring 18.01
3 1/8 Male Nipple 8.97

* CO2Art
4 High Quality Suction Cup for Tubing 6/4mm and Glass 11.96
2 1/8 Male-Female Tee - Manifold Extension 13.49
1 1/8 Female Elbow - Last Manifold 2.99
2 Aluminum Aquarium CO2 Bubble Counter for Solenoids and Regulators 33.02
2 U-Shape Glass CO2 Tubing 18.00
2 Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker 18.90
1 Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker Solution 100ml 9.45
2 Glass New CO2 Nano Aquarium Diffuser 23.10
2 Glass Nano Aquarium Inflow Lily Pipe Ø13 - 12/16 56.75
2 Glass Nano Aquarium Spin Outflow Lily Pipe Ø13 - 12/ 56.75

* Bulk Reef Supply
1 DŌS Dosing and Fluid Metering System - Neptune Systems 269.99

* Aquacave
1 Deluxe Salinity Refractometer with ATC 24.95
1 Ecotech Marine Vortech Driver Mount 12.00
1 Brightwell Aquatics FlorinMulti Multi-Nutrient Fertilizer for Planted Fresh Water Aquaria, 2 liter / 67.6 oz. 25.32
1 Brightwell Aquatics Florin-Fe Ferrous & Ferric Iron for Planted Fresh Water Aquaria, 2 liter / 67.6 oz. 25.40
1 XL Premium Essential Tweezers 18.9" Long 21.20
1 RIO Complete Professional AquaScaping Kit, 5 pcs. 42.43

* Aqua Forest Aquarium
1 Penac -W for aquarium (200g) 34.99
2 Aqua Soil - Amazonia (9 liters) - Normal (Box of 3) 215.95
1 Bacter 100 18.99
1 Clear Super 50g 18.99

Bought earlier in the week

* Aquacave
10 CO2 Tubing 1/4" O.D. per foot 6.70
1 ECOTECH Marine Radion XR15 Freshwater Aquarium Light 299.00
1 RMS XR15 Slide, Fits all Radion XR-15 Fixtures 20.00
1 EcoTech Set of 2 RMS Arms 125.00
1 EcoTech Multi-Light RMS Track, 20.5", Fits Aquariums 18.5" - 28.5" 40.00
1 Neptune WXM Systems Wireless Expansion Module/Vortech Compatible 124.95
1 EcoTech Marine Vortech MP10w-QD QuietDrive Propeller Pump 285.00
1 API GH & KH Freshwater Test Kit 6.75

* CO2Art
1 Advance Professional Aquarium CO2 Dual Stage Regulator with 12V Swiss Solenoid and World Class Custom Build-in Needle Valve - B 225.30
1 Pollen Glass CO2 Diffuser for Aquarium up to 500l - Extra Large 30.03
4 High Quality Suction Cup for Tubing 6/4mm and Glass 11.96
1 Aluminum Aquarium CO2 Bubble Counter for Solenoids and Regulators 16.51
1 U-Shape Glass CO2 Tubing Connector - Small 9.00
1 Hand Made Glass Aquarium Lily Pipes Set Ø17 - 16/22 64.58
1 High Quality Brass CO2 Check Valve Non Return with M10x1 thread for Needle Valve 7.35
1 Aquarium CO2 Drop Checker Complete Set 12.60

This is the one that I couldn't find before.

* TB Aquatics
2 Neptune Systems DOS - Dosing and Fluid Metering System 593.92
1 Neptune Systems DDR - DOS Dual Reservoir Dosing Containers 179.96

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Yesterday I didn't think that the inflow of cash would hit the $1,500 mark so I jumped the gun early in the day and spent $400.00 on two protein skimmers for the reef tanks I am setting up. I figured I could save $200.00 on them which is better than saving $50.00 on a single DOS pump.

I should have waited because it was the biggest day of the weekend and I could have ordered all four DOS pumps to add to the two I already ordered.

So now I have everything ordered except for a single DOS pump for auto water change/top off on one of the small tanks.

My new profession sounds strange, crochet designer, but the job is super easy for me and the money is killer. In the four days of Black Friday/Cyber Monday I brought in $6,599.00 and I spent every last dollar on these tanks as fast as I got it. I only have 10 digital downloads for sale since I just started into the new profession.

This is the first time I have ever set up any tank without trying to figure out the cheapest way possible to do it. This time I am getting any and everything I want.

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I ordered all of the brass fittings yesterday to build a 3/8" 5-way remote CO2 manifold. The T's of the manifold reduce down to 1/4" for the solenoids. Also ordered a couple more bubble counters, needle valves and solenoids. I don't want the weight of the manifold and solenoids to be on the regulator so I will mount the manifold inside of a tank stand and put the 20lb CO2 tank with regulator at the end of the tanks. I order a ball valve to go after the regulator so I can [censored][censored][censored][censored] off the entire manifold without needing to shut off the CO2 tank.

I need one more kind of reducer to go from my massive check valves to the bubble counters. 3/8" Male to 1/4" Male

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I am buying another 60g cube, building another stand and ordering more counter tops.

I am set on having the current 60g as the main planted tank but I don't want to use up the 45g & 25g as the two reefs.

I moved the three small tanks and will insert the additional reef ready 60g.

This is now the plan(plans are subject to change on impulse)

60g Planted
60g SPS Reef
45g LPS Reef
25g Planted
15g Either Planted or FOWLR(saltwater fish only with live rock)
11g Planted
7g Planted

I probably have around $10,000.00 spent on this adventure so far with another 10 or so to go.

My custom counter top guy is hesitant to order a full sheet of the carbon mesh look laminate to make a single 25" x 25" double thick counter so I am going to throw him a bone and order enough counter tops to use up 90.8% of a full sheet. That should make him happy.

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I picked up the reef ready 60g cube but still have to tear apart the stand that the 1st 60g cube is sitting on and make it into a double wide stand to hold both 60g cubes.

Next up on the list to buy are the lights($1,200.00) for the reef tanks. I have three of the Radion XR15FW so I will probably put two of them over the planted 60g. I am still waiting on the quote from the custom counter top guy. I need that additional 25" x 25" top.

Once I get the tanks on the right stands and buy two more lights I can mount all of the lights on the single Ecotech RMS rail that will span the 4 bigger tanks. After that I can start putting things in tanks. I already have everything for the planted tanks minus the plants and livestock but that is a ways down the road yet because the Aquasoil does the big ammonia bloom thing.

Since I am doing all Ecotech Radion lights over the 4 bigger tanks I am now considering using Kessil 160's over the small tanks since the fixtures are much smaller and would fit over the 12" x 12" tanks much better. The 15g will be salt and the 11g & 7g will be FW planted.

This little impulse project is costing a fortune. I have ever growing piles of new equipment, rocks, driftwood, substrates and tanks all over the place.
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