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hi all, i have been keeping fish for a little less than a year and got into planted tanks a few months back. this is my 5G bowfront tank (my only tank).

it has a 23W CF bulb, DIY CO2 using a 1 liter bottle, and use flourish root tabs.

java moss
microsword (just planted today)

2 corydoras
1 bolivian ram
a handful or so of ghost shrimp

full tank shot:

tell me what you think. criticism is welcome. :icon_mrgr
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very nice! better than most nanos what kind of substrate??
It looks great. :)
Hi and welcome!

Looks nice, but that poor, poor Bolivian. I'd consider a 2foot tank the minimum for those guys. I hope you can and will move him/her to a bigger tank.
thanks for the input. the substrate is just normal, your run-of-the-mill black sand. i have root tabs under the microsword to give some nutrients. i am slowly cutting off my co2 source as well as ferts to see how well the tank will do; i want to get it as low maintenance as possible. hopefully the microsword will survive. yes, i am from MFT james from cali. i know that the ram is too large/active for my tank. i was ignorant and didn't do much research before i got it. i gave it away a month ago to a person and they called me back saying it was nipping all of their other fish. so, i went and picked it back up being the model citizen i am:). i posted it for give away online locally here, but i have found most people have large fish that would gobble him/her down. one person called for it and wanted it for a 29g with a green terror in it. i was like, no thanks i think it's better off in my 5g:).

anyways, i was thinking about getting rid of the wisteria since i have to trim it so often. any suggestions for a plant in the corner over there? also, do you like the look of the moneywort forest? i didn't know how else to put it in there.
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