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The amount of growth I've witnessed in this little gem has blown my mind (except for the lack of growth of the h.m)
Lighting is 2 x 12" 7w 4700k p.o.s. wal mart lights and a 18-led tetra led strip ~3w.

Some of the plants... Cabomba, Cryptocoryne, H.m., Anubias nana, Anubias congensis (I think), Hornwort, and some bush I can never remember in the back.

Some cherries/orange bees/crystal red shrimp live in there....and a dojo loach, cardinal tetra, and wild guppy found their ways (miraculously) through the overflow.

Enjoy! :D

And finally when I thought all was lost with the H.m., it appears to be cleaving off the dying bunch, floating the surface, and winning.

The end!
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