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5G need ferts or co2?

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hi all,

i have a 5G planted with anacharis, moneywort, and java moss. i use diy co2 and florapride for ferts. i have a 23w compact fluorescent, so ~4wpg. i have 2 small corydora fish and a bolivian ram. i am getting tired of dealing with algae,and was wondering if these plants could still survive without co2 or ferts. i know florapride isnt exactly a good type of ferts, but i didn't feel like spending $20-30 on them since i am a poor college student. so, if i take away the co2 and ferts, will everything be ok? i also have a 10W compact fluorescent i can put in.

thank you
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discard this thread as i found the answer i was looking for
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