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5g Hex Planted DP Journal

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Hey everyone!
I got my 5g hexagon tank today for my future Dwarf Puffers. The tank came with an incandescent light so I bought a 10w CF Bulb. I also bought a whisper mini heater that is for 5-10 gallon tanks and keeps the tank constantly at 78 degrees. The tank is setup with black gravel, 7 Apongeton bulbs, and a small Amazon Sword. The tank will have Rotala Indica and Moneywort from the 10g and also some Taiwan Moss. I'm planning on getting 2 DP's around the middle of August. Here are the pictures:
Without water:

With Water and Plants:


Hopefully atleast 2 out of the 7 Aponogeton bulbs will sprout. Here are the quick stats:
5g Hex
Bio-Wheel Filtration
Whisper Mini Heater
Black Gravel
7 Aponogeton Bulbs and a small Amazon Sword. I also plan on getting an Oto for the walls. I'll be watching closely when the time comes to get the fish. Also I plan on feeding them frozen bloodworms.


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what substrate is that? i have a 1.5g hex and i'm looking for something small enough to plant in...
Just regular black gravel. Good luck with the 1.5g hex:smile:

Just regular black gravel. Good luck with the 1.5g hex:smile:

thanks! you too!
Suppose 10 watts is enough to grow those plants, all those plants will outgrow that tank exceptionally quickly. A single Aponogeton can take over a 120 gallon.

Well, when I came back from vacation, I was pleased. 3 out of 6 Apongeton bulbs sprouted and and pretty big right now. The betta was fine(put him in to cycle tank on July 12 or 13) and the pond snails I also put in there laid eggs. There are right now around 10 or 11 eggs sacks on the walls/plants in the tank. Hopefully there will be so many that the dwarf puffers can feast:D I've tested my water and the ammonia is gone and the nitrite is going away. The tank is --- <---that close to being cycled! I am planning on getting the DP's next week. It all depends until I see those nitrates. There has been green spot algae on the walls but the snails demolished that. Everything is going good.
For the plants, I have Moneywort, Rotala Indica, 3 Aponogeton, and Taiwan Moss. It looks pretty good, but I'm waiting for the Aponogeton to fill in. Anyway, here are the pictures:
Full tank:

Closer look:

^^^^^white dots are bubbles from a prior water change.

I will get the Oto a week or 2 after I get the DP's. So far the snails and cleaning up the walls but once the DP's move in I'll need the Oto. Thanks for reading, I will update when I see nitrates and/or when I get the DP's!!!


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I had a 5gal corner with the same bulbs, It took a LONG time for them to outgrow it. It looked really cool with the leaves reaching the top. Should bee pretty nice looking once they all sprout leaves.
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