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I took the day off of work today and found my way to the LFS to browse for plants as I am preparing to revamp my 29 gallon tank. Well, it was a successful trip! I did come back with several plants, but I also came across a new addition to our fishy family.

Yet unnamed, but I'm thinking "Serenity" to go with his tank.

I have had the Fluval Chi for some time and it has gone through multiple iterations. This rebuild (done tonight while my new little buddy hung out in his container) is almost entirely with reused items salvaged from my other tanks. The new additions are the two floating plants that I picked up along with the betta. I am skeptical if one is actually aquatic.

I am loving it already! I hope you enjoy too.

Tank Specs:
  • 5 gallon Fluval Chi
  • Stock filter
  • Stock light
  • Hydor Theo heater
  • Gravel substrate
  • Driftwood

  • Anubias nana
  • Anubias (others)
  • Bleheri (Echinodorus paniculatus)
  • 2 unidentified floating plants
  • Pothos (in the filter)

  • 1 super beautiful halfmoon double tail betta

I'll work on better pictures as the tank settles in, I was just excited to share!

Pictures are:
  • Serenity acclimating to the water temp before diving in (he was attacking the bubbles accumulating on the bottom of his container)
  • Serenity taste-testing everything in the tank
  • Enjoying the "cave" (yikes, water spots!)
  • A peek at the flora
  • My view while at my computer


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I have to say, tonight was the first time I understood why people take off the Fluval Chi filter. I had everything set up and put the filter on, all of my upper anubias was blocked from view. I leaned the driftwood across the wall, thus lowering the top height and increasing visibility, but the visual impact was changed. I still like it, it just made me realize how much that filter really blocks.

But now it is also a planter, so for now it stays!:icon_smil

And a view from the front:


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