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Hi, so I decided to rescape my 5G.. again! I decided to get for a beach theme, and untouched, overgrown part of a beach. I think it turned out somewhat well, of course there is a lot more designs I have drawn down but this was using stuff that I already owned (excluding plants). My gourami also decided to take up a fight with a piece of the root, and lost, as you can see from his scales!

The Eleocharis Parvula is currently bunched because I'm seeing if I can pull off a carpet or not.

The current inhabitants are: 8 Tetras, 6 Home Grown Cherry Shrimp, 3 Ottocinclus, 1 Gourami, 1 "Rescued" Fighter. Currently carbon dosing, iron dosing (Searchem Flourish, Excel, Easycarb and Flourin-FE).

Things seem to be taking off rather well but it's never impossible for something to drastically and quickly change in a nano tank! :mad::icon_eek:

Plant Terrestrial plant Grass Rectangle Aquatic plant

Water Fin Fish Underwater Ray-finned fish

Plant Leaf Houseplant Flower Botany

Plant Botany Flower Terrestrial plant Vegetation

Plant Flower Nature Botany Houseplant

Plant Organism Terrestrial plant Houseplant Leaf vegetable
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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