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so I've had this 5 gallon rimless tank for a while now. Recently i finally decided to get it going. These pictures were about a week after everything was settled in. The scape is pretty set but i'd very much like suggestions and critique. so here goes:

Filter: Zoomed 501
Heater: Marineland Stealth 50w Heater (currently not in use because my room is so hot.)


Cooler: Aquatek Metal Halide Aquarium Chiller Cooling Fan (4 fan)
Light: 2x Ott-Lite Plant Growth Task Lamps 13W each (came with free extra bulbs)
Corallife Digital Thermometer
Pressurized Co2

Glossostigma elatinoides
Dwarf Hairgrass (Eleocharis Parvula)
Fissidens Fontanus

Crystal Red Shrimp
One Pond Snail that i cant seem to catch
(water is always filled to the i can stick my hand in there..therefore i must use tweezers..but that little sucker is always scheming. during water changes he is nowhere to be found.)

Anyway, here are some pics: (all my pictures are taken with my HTC they might not be the best quality)

I'll take more when the water clears..i just put some calcium carbonate in there

here's a closer look at the setup

The stand:

(was debating whether to go zebra rocks or driftwood on this the rocks are in the HP cardboard box)

Love these.
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