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5am-9am and 7pm-11pm lighting periods?

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I would like to run my lights 5am-9am and 7pm to 11pm. Is there any evidence to suggest this is a bad idea?

This thread leans toward it not helping, but also not hurting. I have algae problems, so I want to cut my lighting. I am not so much wanting to do it because it might kill the algae, more so because these are the hours I am home and enjoying the tank. In the past, I have turn my lights on around 730am and left them on all the way until midnight on some days. Not good.
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It will work tanks are running on similar schedule for months. But my photoperiod is 6 hours only, two tanks are having pressurized CO2 also.
Mine is also on a split light period. Seems to work ok.

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