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Howdy all! Figured I'd finally start my build thread.

A bit of background:

I started a 58g as a saltwater back in the fall of 08 and after upgrading it in Jan of this year, decided to convert it to a real planted setup. We have a 50g that was very low tech planted, 65w PC, no CO2, only sand, etc, with South American species in it that will be moving over.

Earlier this summer I finally got around to setting the 58 up. I started with Eco-complete topped with about 1/2-3/4" of sand. I bought a solenoid from Bill on here, a CO2 tank from the local homebrew supply house, used the T5 light I had for the reef(Aquactinics TX5, 5x39w T5), and a 2215. I built my own Rex Reactor from left over PVC I had from the new SW setup. I initially started it with just a HOB filter to cycle the tank and only today got the CO2/Eheim setup going.

After about 2 weeks of just sand I added some plants; a amazon sword, a few clumps of hemianthus, and something that looks like red hornwort and a large piece of driftwood.

Of course, without CO2 running and the high lighting, I got algae. Nasty, bright green slimy/stringy stuff mostly.

About 3 weeks ago I dropped in two bettas to help it along, then added a few tetras and cory cats from the existing 50g.

So, assuming I don't kill anything overnight after starting the CO2 I'll try to get some pics up tomorrow.
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