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57 Gallon Rimless

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Got rid of my old 20 Gallon in place of something a bit bigger.
Tank: Deep Blue 36x18x20 57 Gallon Drilled w/overflox
Lighting: Deep Blue 4 Bulb 36" T5HO Fixture w/custom hanger
Filter: Eheim Pro 3 2075
Co2: 5Lb Tank, DIY Inline Reactor, Milwaukee Regulator
Heater: Hydor ETH IN-Line
Substrate: MTS W/Flourite Black Sand Cap

Tank will be a slightly slow build process due to work and holidays but hopefully it all gets together soon. I have the overflow cut out, the plumbing about done and water test begun to help soak the driftwood.

Tank right out of the box and the overflow box was cut off right away:

In place:

Pile O' Equipment

Plumbing almost there:

A few changes still need to be made to the plumbing. I'm ditching the poly tubing for the Co2, I cant seem to get it to want to seal nicely to the pvc. I've ordered 1/4" OD PVC tubing and some fittings to get it where I feel comfortable with it. Also need to change some of the flexible eheim tubing around so that there are no kinks anywhere, but hey this is why we do dryish run's.

For plants I think i've decided on a Glosso carpet with either Corkscrew Val. or Crypt Sprialis for the backround then a mix of anubias and flame moss to cover parts of the driftwood.
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Subscribed! Nice equipment and driftwood pieces. Look forward to this scape's progress especially since we are at the same stage of setup.
looking forward to this. that is a great piece of driftwood
that is gonaaaa beeeeee cooooollllllllll!
Thanks very much. Hopefully this weekend I have all the bugs worked out with the plumbing and get the tank drained back down. Just waiting on my lighting now so hopefully plants in the next week or two.
I like it.
Small update, the light is hung and driftwood/mts has been put in. Just got plants yesterday but still havent gotten pictures of that. The MTS process was a little messy and still needs a good surface vac on the sand but should turn out good.

Hopefully all plants grow in nicely and i'll take some more pics soon
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that wood looks awesome! i can't wait to see how this tank comes together.
Subscribed! Where did you get your wood from?
Wow, great start. Nice plumbing setup. Really keeps the tank clean. Stocking ideas yet?
Any plans for stocking? This tank would look awesome with a bunch of shrimp.
I think some java ferns and moss and some rasboras would look real nice

That Glass Looks THICK !

Very Nice Looking Rimless Adventure
I really like the clean look. Where did you get that stand?
Stand is also from the same manufacture of the tank, Deep Blue.
As far as stocking goes I already have about 10 Columbian Blue Tetras from the old 20G that are going in. I think along with another 10 or so more and I think maybe 7 or 8 dwarf blue gourami's.
Also need to find some xmas moss or flame moss to take up the drift wood. Got alot of anubias on the wood right now that is looking real nice. The glosso I got isnt that great and will probably take some time to carpet the tank as I do believe that it was grown emersed and will probably all die and have to regrow. Also the contortion val that i decided on for the backround was in marginal condition upon arrival. However Co2 and Ferts are cranked up real high along with the light on for 10 hrs so hopefully it helps everything take hold without and crazy algae blooms.
And the wood is from the LFS that I work for its actually 2 pieces that fit together real nice. Its a little to big for the tank but I was going for a nice center piece themed tank so I do believe it will work out well.

Also had to address some of the plumbing, I had a large leak from where the vinyl tubing was entering the co2 reactor so I sourced some 1/4" PVC rigid tubing to solve that problem and glued it in place along with a high quality check valve.
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It looks like that is a 36 inch long tank? If so, the light seems to be about 25 inches from the substrate. If that is so, you should only run 2 bulbs at a time to avoid having extremely high light, and loads of problems as a result. You could run 2 bulbs for 4 hours, then the other 2 bulbs for another 4 hours.

That is a very nice looking rimless tank, and using the drilled holes in the bottom is going to let you keep all of the equipment out of the tank, so it should be a beautiful tank when you get it done, especially with those wood pieces.
I've been running a fairly staggered schedule with the lights. The Flora Sun's Come on from 2-7 and the Ultra Sun's are on 6-10. I may cut back a little more just to avoid any problems with algae. Its also about 30" to the bottom of the substrate, I'm just worried that I wont have enough light for the glosso. But thanks alot for your response Hoppy always a plus when I get your approval.
And the idea with the drilled tank was to get a very clean look with no equipment in the tank. I'm just hoping that that eheim pushes enough flow through to keep decent flow in the tank. The whole idea of this tank was a clean look thats when i even went through the trouble of drilling a hole in the light hangers to run the light cord through the tubing itself.
Got the tank stocked this weekend and I will post some updated pictures as well. Plants finally seem to be growing now that they have acclimated to the water. Stocking of fish ended up being Cardinals and Blue/Red Dwarf Gourami's
Could you post some more detailed shots of the plumbing???

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