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Hey all -

First post -
I would like to say thank you for this sight and thanks to all of the members posts i have read and pondered over since November 2014. information overload!

With that said, i need help confirming (micromols) par for my tank.

I am running a 24" Fluval (thinking "Fair Reflectors") quad T5HO (3 6700K and 1 10,000K) over a 56 gallon column tank I bought way back in 2007. Tank size is 18"x30"x24". Lights are 28 inches above my substrate. From what I can see, reading a post way back in April 2010, my par is right around 60 micromols which would put me on the high end of medium light? right?

I am running c02.

Thanks in advance...
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