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After seeing the success of my 250l planted community tank I bought a 55l cube nano and decided to take my time and plan everything. I got the substrate, dragon stone and wood and built the hardscape, made a DIY light using a 15w Cob led floodlight and found a HOB filter I liked. Then came the planning, took me 2 weeks to find a hardscape setup I liked.


then I got a dead end with what I wanted to do with the plants and after much internet searching I made a list and went to my LFS and picked up as many from my list as they had.

Then came the fun bit. Removing the rock wool and splitting the plants into the pieces I will be using. Took a while but all the stems were intact and looked healthy. I tried to have some sort of organisation and I was pleased with the result.

I started with anubias nana and gold coin between the rocks, on the left of the wood is lobelia cardinalis, on the right is bucopa carolinia, then I have rotala wallichii, hygrophila corymbosa, and filling the back I've got ludwigia super red mini, ludwigia palustris green and some limniphila heterophylla.
I'll see how that all grows and possibly add some bucephalandras when I can decide on which ones I want.. I'm happy with the results.
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