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Well here it was when first set up:

Then something like this:

And lastly we have current setup:

Plant growth has been somewhat slow, but most likely that is due to the low light (48" dual 28W T5NO fixture). I also need more plants but I will just have to add them as I get funds (which I understand now is not the best way to start a planted tank). There is a substantial BBA problem, but it is subsiding from where it was so thats good.

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Plants are:
Vallisneria nana
Anubias nana
Java fern
Lace java fern
Peacock moss
Water wisteria

13 neon tetras
3 black neon tetras
3 pepper corys
3 ottocinclus
2 neon dwarf gouramis
1 assassin snail
A few random baby mollies and or plattys that escaped being caugh and taken to the pet store

Craigslist 55g
Eheim 2236
Deep blue t5no light fixture on DIY conduit mounts
? Heater

Petsmart plant substrate
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