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So I'm new and these will be my first post of hopefully many. I've found many answers to a few of my questions here so I decided to finally join up and start posting. A quick thanks to the whole forum!

Like I said in the thread title this is my very first planted tank, and only my second aquarium ever. I try to research everything I do to make sure I'm doing it in an acceptable way. That being said please let me know if you guys see anything wrong with my setup. Most of you have been doing this way way longer then me.

All right, so on to my tank!

So I picked up my tank and stand off craigslist for one hundred buck off a lady who had just upgraded to larger salt water setup. This tank was used for freshwater so it had the normal hard water spots and some slight scratches in the side glass and rear. Spent I couple nights cleaning it up and started to think about what I was going to do as far as stocking and design go. A good friend of mine has a reef tank and I was very interested going that route til I saw the cost and time associated with it. I kept searching til I stumbled upon a freshwater planted tank and instantly knew that's what I wanted to do. Started researching substrate, lighting and etc and made my first purchase. I went to the LFS and bought a Aquatic Life dual T5HO fixture with a 6k and roseate bulb and a few bags of flouramax. I aslo bought a bag of sand to help add a little "sand bar" to the scape. Next was a Penn Plax cascade 700 with bio sponge, floss, and ceramic rings. Then went and bought a heater, all though at the time of writing this I've forgotten the brand. Got it all going and decided to get a piece of driftwood as well before I added any water. Got the water in and let it cycle for a month. Then slowing and surely started adding plants and fish into up in til this point. Throughout the pictures you can see where I've added, taken away, and rearranged some things here and there. I'll let the pictures do the talking from here on out.

172998_10150138613596013_505346012_8465936_2752646_o (1) by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

171617_10150138613641013_505346012_8465937_5483143_o by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

170576_10150138613706013_505346012_8465939_3056017_o by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

171271_10150138613761013_505346012_8465940_139042_o by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

171329_10150139728876013_505346012_8477258_1065169_o (1) by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

172741_10150149545791013_505346012_8587907_4317470_o by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

190954_10150159261816013_505346012_8688282_3071512_o (1) by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

289798_10150354696786013_505346012_10162100_4516617_o by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

298216_10150354696551013_505346012_10162097_748337_n by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

_DSC6823 by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

_DSC6824 by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

_DSC6825 by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

_DSC6845 by Roland.Photo., on Flickr

Thanks for checking it out! Let me know what you think, good, bad, or indifferent.
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